Terms & conditions

These are the terms that govern your attendance at, and/or participation in, the IATEFL Annual Conference, Exhibition and Pre-Conference Events (PCEs). By booking for the conference you are agreeing to these terms, which form a legal contract between IATEFL and the registered participant. If you are booking on behalf of another delegate, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person attending is aware of these terms, and understands and accepts them.

IATEFL reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. This page will always hold the most up-to-date version (last updated: 04 June 2019). If you would like to download a PDF version of these terms and conditions, please click here.

  1. The Conference
    i. Payment of the conference and/or PCE fees entitles you to admittance to the sessions on the days and times you have booked and paid for. All other costs associated with your attendance (including, but not limited to, any travel and accommodation expenses) shall be borne solely by you; IATEFL is not liable for such costs.
    ii. Entrance to the Exhibition is free of charge.
    iii. IATEFL reserves the right to alter any or all aspects of the conference (including, but not limited to, the conference name, content, programme, presenters, venue and time) without liability to delegates for expenses that may have been incurred.
  2. Booking & Attendance
    i. To receive the early bird discount, booking and full payment must be made no later than 16:00 (UK time) on 14 January 2020. The conference fees will increase to the standard rate from this point.
    ii. The deadline to book online for the conference and PCEs is 16:00 (UK time) 26 March 2020. Any bookings not made by this time must be made and paid for onsite at the Registration Desk.
    iii. Bookings made online can be paid for at any time either online, by bank transfer, or by calling IATEFL Head Office. It is also possible to pay for your online booking onsite at the Registration Desk.
    iv. Payment of conference fees must be made in full before admittance to any conference sessions or events.
    v. Any payments made in advance of the conference must reach IATEFL before your arrival at the conference venue. If your payment is not received by IATEFL by this time, you may be charged again.
    vi. If a company or institution is paying on behalf of a delegate, it is the delegate’s responsibility to ensure payment is made in time. If an invoice is required by the company or institution, it must be requested no later than 8 March 2020, with payment received by 8 April 2020.
    vii. A valid membership number must be submitted at the time of booking to receive the member discount. If you do submit a conference booking without your membership number please contact IATEFL Head Office, before you make payment, to amend your booking.  Refunds of payments made in error using non-member rate fees will not be issued.
    viii. If you book for individual days and subsequently find that the price of the full conference is cheaper please contact IATEFL Head office, before you make payment, to amend your booking.
    ix. If you have booked for individual days you will only be able to attend sessions and events on the day(s) you have booked for. If you would like to attend an additional day, please contact IATEFL Head Office before 16:00 (UK time) 26 March 2020. Any amendments after this time will need to be completed onsite.
    x. The details you supply on your booking form will be used to create your delegate badge. If you find any of the details you supplied to be incorrect please contact IATEFL Head Office. Changes to your badge information after 16:00 (UK time) 26 March 2020 will incur administrative charges (see section 5).
    xi. If you misplace your badge whilst at the conference, please go to the Registration Desk where we will be able to print you a replacement. This will incur a £10 reprint fee.
    xii. Only the named delegate can collect their badge. Badges may not be used by anyone other than the named delegate to gain access to sessions and events.
    xiii. If the named delegate is not able to attend, the badge cannot be transferred to another individual unless notice is given to IATEFL Head Office by 26 March 2020. Administrative charges will apply for such changes (see section 5).
    xiv. IATEFL reserves the right to request your removal from the conference if IATEFL considers your presence and/or behaviour to create a disruption or to hinder the conference and/or the enjoyment of the conference by other attendees.
  3. Pre-Conference Events (PCEs)
    i. The terms listed in sections 1 and 2 also apply to PCE delegates.
    ii. PCE places are limited and your place is not guaranteed until full payment has been received.
    iii. A PCE booking may be changed for an alternative PCE, subject to availability and the administrative charges listed in section 5. Changes to your PCE attendance must be requested by 26 March 2020.
  4. Conference Speakers
    i. For additional terms and conditions relating to conference speakers, please refer to the Speaker Guidelines (https://conference.iatefl.org/downloads/IATEFL2020_Speaker_proposal_guid...)
  5. Changes to your booking

    Changes when a payment has been made:
    If you need to make a change to your badge information you must put your request in writing to IATEFL Head Office by 1 April 2020. After this date changes to your badge information can only be made onsite with an administrative charge (see below).

      Before 1
    April 2020
    After 1
    April 2020
    Change to the delegate’s badge information
    (name, workplace)
    No charge £20
    Onsite payment only

    If you need to make a change to your booking information you must put your request in writing to IATEFL Head Office by 26 March 2020, administrative charges apply (see below). After this date changes to your booking information cannot be made.

      Before 26
    March 2020
    After 26
    March 2020
    Change of Pre-Conference Event £10 Cannot be changed
    Change of delegate (where the delegate can no longer attend and another will come in their place) £10 Cannot be changed

    All administrative charges must be paid in full before admittance to any conference sessions or events.

    Changes when a payment has not been made:
    If no payment has been made for your booking, no administrative charges will be incurred.

  6. Cancellations, Refunds and Insurance
    i. Conference and/or PCE booking cancellations received on or before 1 March 2020 will incur a 50% cancellation charge on any fees paid.
    ii. Conference and/or PCE booking cancellations received after 1 March 2020 will not be refunded.
    iii. Any other refund requests must be made in writing to IATEFL Head Office and will be at their discretion.
    iv. IATEFL holds no liability should a specific event or session within the conference be cancelled.
    v. IATEFL cannot provide refunds, or be held liable for any costs incurred, due to any possible effects of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. Such effects are outside of the control of IATEFL.
    vi. Fees paid for the IATEFL Conference may not be used to cover any other IATEFL fees.
    vii. IATEFL recommends that all delegates purchase appropriate insurance to cover their conference trip as well as any losses, changes or cancellations.

  7. Children and young people
    i. IATEFL recognises and wishes to support the needs of parents with nursing babies when attending the IATEFL Conference. As such, parents with nursing babies may bring them to the conference venue. The baby must not be brought into academic sessions; and must be attended to at all times, either by the delegate, or by another responsible adult whilst the delegate is attending a session. Any such responsible adult should register at the Information Desk, and will be provided with a specific pass permitting them to be on site (but not to attend sessions), but will not be required to pay.
    ii. If a private space is required for breastfeeding, please ask at the Registration Desk and we will make one available for you.
    iii. Other than for nursing babies, children under the age of 18 are not permitted to attend the IATEFL conference and exhibition which is a professional event intended to meet the needs of adult English language teaching professionals. The conference is planned, safeguarded and risk assessed on this basis.
    iv. IATEFL provides information on suitable registered childcare options available in the locality of the conference venue, as listed by the local authority. It is the responsibility of the delegate to make such arrangements.

  8. Privacy Policy
    i. Any personal information submitted on your booking form will be used by IATEFL in accordance with the IATEFL Privacy Policy (https://conference.iatefl.org/privacy.html)
    ii. If you allow your delegate badge to be scanned by a third party exhibitor during the IATEFL Conference, you agree for IATEFL to pass on your name and email address to the exhibitor and for them to contact you directly.

All enquiries relating to these terms and conditions should be directed to [email protected]