Wider Membership Individual Scheme

Launched in 2007, the Wider Membership Individual Scheme (WMIS) enables individuals who live in countries where there are no current IATEFL Associates, to apply for a free two year membership. Our aim is to ultimately help these members establish their own Teaching Associations so that all English language teachers in their region can enjoy the benefits of being part of a Teacher Association which is also an IATEFL Associate. 

We have already helped many areas in sub-Saharan Africa, and are keen to help teachers and groups of teachers in many more countries around the world.

Who can apply?

This scheme is available to first time members of IATEFL only.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for membership through this scheme please contact our Membership Officer for an application form. 

Help support this scheme, make a donation

This scheme helps reach and support English language teaching professionals in areas of the world without a local teaching association. It can be a lifeline to isolated teachers, and can also lead to individuals taking the next step and creating their own local, regional or national teaching association. If you would like to help IATEFL support this essential work, please donate what you can. Thank you.

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