This year our 'Eco-Partner' and sponsor for sustainabililty is Oxford University Press

We are always looking for ways to ensure that our conference has as little impact on the environment as possible and this will be an ongoing objective as we continue planning for the event. We will continue to update these green initiatives as planning continues, so please keep checking back to see how you can support our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

So far, this is what we are doing for Manchester 2020:

What IATEFL is doing:

  • The Conference Programme and Guide for App Users are printed on forestry approved paper using natural (rather than synthetic) inks
  • Delegates can choose to use the Conference App and Guide for App Users as a digital way to access all the information in the Conference Programme
  • Recycle bins for Conference Programmes and Guides for App Users and delegate badges will be located within the venue
  • Reusable signage used where possible
  • Speakers are encouraged to share their PowerPoint presentations online using SlideShare to save paper and printing     
  • Working with exhibitors to share environmental objectives     
  • Delegate bags made from cloth rather than plastic which can be used after conference as shopping bags     
  • The Book Swap returns for the third year: bring books you’ve read and swap for ones you haven’t      
  • Eco sponsorship package available to champion environmental awareness for delegates offered
  • New initiative: IATEFL, in collaboration with Manchester Central, have made the decision to run the annual conference as a 'red meat free' event. Delegates will be able to purchase a wide range of poultry, fish and vegetarian options on site, and of course delegates can easily pop out of the venue, in the city centre, and find a meal of whatever kind they prefer.
  • This year we are grateful to TELC who are our sponsors for reusable cups to discourage the use of single use cups for hot and cold drinks.

What Central Manchester is doing:

  • Recycle bins are located around the venue reducing the amount of waste going to landfill (59 tonnes of food waste and 42 tonnes of general waste diverted from landfill)
  • Cardboard is actively collected and recycled
  • The venue reduced their printing volume by 120,000 sheets
  • Plastic straws and plastic cutlery have been eliminated
  • Local suppliers are used to source goods wherever possible
  • Manchester Central has their own purifying and bottling system onsite and eliminated the disposal of 15,000 bottles per year as a result
  • Water fountains are available within the venue to top up resuable bottles free of charge


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