We are always looking for ways to ensure that our conference has as little impact on the environment as possible and this will be an ongoing objective as we continue planning for the event. We will continue to update these green initiatives as planning continues, so please keep checking back to see how you can support our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

So far, this is what we are doing for this year's conference:

The Conference Programme:

  • We will continue to produce a slimline printed version of the programme, vastly reducing the amount of paper used.
  • The programme will be printed close to the venue to reduce the impact of the transport. 
  • Delegates can choose to download the full, unabridged, Conference Programme onto their smart device instead of picking up a hard copy of the abridged version on arrival at the conference.
  • We are encouraging speakers to share their PowerPoint presentations online, rather than printing handouts, to save paper and printing.

Around the venue:

  • Reusable signage will be used where possible.
  • There will be recycle bins available for delegate badges, lanyards and Conference Programmes.
  • There is a Sustainability partner sponsorship package available to champion environmental awareness for delegates.

In the exhibition

  • We are working with exhibitors to share environmental objectives.