How to become an IATEFL Associate

With a network of Teaching Associations in every part of the world – from Albania and Bangladesh to Venezuela and Zimbabwe – becoming an IATEFL Associate teaching association can offer your organisation the widest range of experience and knowledge.

How to join us

An IATEFL Associate is a professional membership organisation (not an individual person or course providing institution). If this sounds like an attractive option for you, get in touch to discuss your next steps. We’ll ask you to complete a simple application form and questionnaire to help us understand your Teaching Association, its members and practices a little better. In each case, our aim is to find a close fit in our respective values and missions. If both parties agree that close co-operation is appropriate and practical, we can then offer access to the Associate scheme on a renewable three-year arrangement free of charge.

Further information:

To join our network please read the Associates Handbook, complete the Associate Agreement and Questionnaire and return them to our Membership Officer


Using the IATEFL logo as an IATEFL Associate

On becoming an IATEFL Associate, we will share with you a special 'IATEFL logo for associates' and specific wording that should accompany the use of this logo. It should be noted that the use of this logo on any associate site is not an endorsement of the content of that site, any officers of the associate or any actions or transactions carried out by that associate, but rather a reflection of the working relationship between the two organisations. Any communication related to the associate website or the associate organisation itself should be directed to the associate in question, and not the main IATEFL office.