Social programme

Taking time out during the conference to relax and meet new people is important, that’s why we plan a range of evening events for our delegates to enjoy. Below you will see provisional details of what we have planned for Harrogate. Don’t forget to take your delegate badge with you.

Joining an evening event for the first time or wish to get the most out of the occasion by meeting up with other ELT professionals? Why not join our evening event ambassadors 15 minutes before the events begin to make the most of these networking opportunities with other like-minded contemporaries and to assist you with gaining the most out of these social sessions.

Welcome Reception

(sponsored by British Council)

Join us to celebrate the start of our 54th IATEFL Conference and Exhibition. IATEFL President, Harry Kuchah Kuchah, will welcome delegates to the event.  This will be followed by speeches from IATEFL Patron, and the sponsor of the Reception, British Council.  Trustee, Lou McLaughlin, will give an introduction to IATEFL Projects and announce this year’s winner.  The speeches will be followed by an opportunity to relax and meet other delegates as well as old friends.  Entry is by badge only, so please register first at our Registration Desk.

Sharing stories

This evening, why not relax and simply listen to stories or tell a few yourself if you feel like it? By stories we mean myths and legends from your own culture or anecdotes from your life experiences.  We are sure it will be another lovely evening of story sharing.
‘People forget things but not stories. Into even the simplest story they learn to pour their understanding of each other and of the world around them.’
Brian Patten
‘I gave peace to the bereft and the forsaken, merriment to the meek. I gave hope to ragged men who had no lord:
Will you hear me?
For those that will, your hearth will not be lonely.’

Widsith the Gleeman

The epic history of Harrogate

Writer, guide and broadcaster, Jonathan Schofield, will inform and amaze you with an engaging talk full of fascinating facts about this most significant of towns.

International Quiz 

(sponsored by Express Publishing)

The popular quiz is back again! A multimedia extravaganza under the management of Gavin Dudeney. You’ll need a global team (you can come along and join one on the night!) with diverse interests and knowledge, a sense of humour and a desire to meet new people, have some fun, network and work together to score more points than any other team. Music, fun and the chance to be crowned quiz champions of Harrogate 2021.

Pecha Kucha

Originating from the word “chitchat”, a Japanese term describing the sound of conversation, we again offer you a Pecha Kucha evening. Each speaker is allowed a slideshow of 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds, giving a total presentation time of six minutes and forty seconds before the next speaker is up, keeping presentations concise and fast-paced. It promises to be as exciting as ever so don’t miss it!

Music Night

(sponsored by Express Publishing)

Come and sing, play and entertain at a beautiful international evening of music. Anyone with performance-ready material can join in and offer a song or two, depending on demand. This ever-popular event is a wonderful opportunity to relax, enjoy music and songs in English or any other language, and join colleagues from around the world. 


Although the full programme of events is not yet confirmed and subject to alteration and cancellation in light of current circumstances, please check back nearer the time and in your Programme for more information.