Accreditation and logo usage

IATEFL does not accredit institutions, qualifications, courses or individuals

IATEFL is a membership association for English language teaching professionals, institutions and teaching associations to join. The association does not accredit or attest to the value, merit or quality of any individual, course, qualification or organisation; including its individual, institutional and associate members.

Members are welcome to refer to their membership of the association, and any volunteer role they have had, or are currently filling within IATEFL.
However they should not:

  • refer to their membership as a qualification or evidence of professional competence
  • use the IATEFL logo, or amend/adapt it in any way (see below)


Usage of the IATEFL brand and logo 

Use of our logo is restricted to the IATEFL website, IATEFL Special Interest Group (SIG) websites and official publications, stationery and communications from IATEFL itself. The IATEFL logo and "linking, developing and supporting English Language Teaching professionals throughout the world" word marks are forms over which we exert prior usage claim. Other product and company names featuring on the website may be the trademarks of - or subject to prior usage by - their respective owners. All contents of this website, including any logos, text and software, are protected by copyright, database right and other intellectual property rights. You may, however, reproduce parts of the website by prior agreement with us.

The appearance of the IATEFL name, acronym or logo on any organisation's website (including IATEFL associates and partner associations) - either with or without permission - does not imply the endorsement of that organisation's work, products or services.

Members (and non-members) must not use the IATEFL logo without specific and explicit agreement from the association. 

IATEFL will request companies, institutions or individuals using the logo or wording against our wishes, to remove it immediately.


Breaches of these rules

IATEFL takes the use of its name and logo extremely seriously and will act on any misuse it becomes aware of. Please contact IATEFL Head Office if you become aware of a breach of these rules. The association reserves the right to take legal action in such circumstances.

Being a member of IATEFL has helped me build a network of professional colleagues, develop my knowledge, and also the chance to make my first presentation at an international conference.
Lecturer in TESOL