Who's who in IATEFL

Head Office

If you have a question, or need some help, please contact the IATEFL Head Office team
by email: [email protected]
or by phone: +44 (0)1795 591414  (9am - 5pm UK time, Monday - Friday)

  • Chief Executive:  Jon Burton
  • Deputy Chief Executive:  Louise Atkins
  • Senior Bookkeeper:  Iwona Minkowska
  • Conference Organiser:  Michelle Gossling
  • Deputy Conference Organiser:  Alison Stanbury (maternity cover)
  • Exhibition, Sponsorship and Advertising Officer:  Annie Park  
  • Membership Officer:  Lucy Julians
  • Special Interest Groups and Publications Officer:  Eleanor Baynham
  • Jobs Market and Careers Fair Officer:  Freya Rutt
  • Finance Administrator:  Linda James

Patron, Trustees and Advisory Council

Patron: Professor David Crystal, OBE, FBA

Board of Trustees:

Harry Kuchah Kuchah

Vice President
Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

Colin Mackenzie

Ros Wright

Membership & Marketing Committee Chair
Mojca Belak

SIG Representative
Judith Mader

Associates Representative
Lou McLaughlin

Digital Committee Chair
Shaun Wilden

Trustees can also be contacted by emailing: [email protected]

Advisory Council: 

  • As Patron: David Crystal
  • As Editor of the ELTJ: Dr Alessia Cogo
  • Individual members: Amos Paran, Roy Cross, Catherine Walter, Johannes Wassenberg and Adrian Underhill

Executive Committees

Associates Committee: Lou McLaughlin (Chair), Marta Bujakowska, Nazlı Güngör and Lucy Julians 

Conference Committee: Ros Wright (Chair), Louise Atkins, Angelos Bollas, Jon Burton, Michelle Gossling, Sarah Mount, Annie Park and Alison Stanbury

Digital Committee: Shaun Wilden (Chair), Louise Atkins, Syke Annamma Kumaran, Heike Philp, Maria-Araxi Sachpazian and Mercedes Viola

Finance Committee: Colin Mackenzie (Chair), Karsten Gramkow, Iwona Minkowska, Wayne Rimmer and Lizzie Wojtkowska-Wright

Membership & Marketing Committee: Mojca Belak (Chair), Gerhard Erasmus and Lucy Julians

Publications Committee:  Gabriel Diaz Maggioli (Chair), Eleanor Baynham, Rakesh Bhanot, Marina Gonzalez, Arum Perwitasari and Vicky Saumell

Other Committees

Scholarship Committee: Maureen McGarvey (Chair), Ben Beaumont, Amos Paran, Christian Ludwig, Alison Stanbury, Nora Tartsay-Nemeth and Adrian Tennant

Voices Editor: Tania Pattison

  • The Editor of Voices can also be contacted by post via Head Office, at IATEFL, 2-3 The Foundry, Seager Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7FD, United Kingdom

Conference Selections Editor: Tania Pattison

IATEFL Representative on the ELTJ panel: Shelagh Rixon

IATEFL Representative on the ELTJ Management Board: Catherine Walter

Business English Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Evan Frendo and Dana Poklepovic


  • Administration & Sponsorship Coordinator: Maria Szugfil
  • Event Coordinator: Andreea Katia Nechifor
  • Newsletter Editor: Sara Awad
  • Treasurer: Michelle Hunter
  • Website Coordinator & joint BESIG Online Team Coordinators: Rob Howard and Oksana Hera
  • BESIG Online Team: Grace Alchini, Kirsten Wächter, Mercedes Viola, Sue Annan, Pete Rutherford, Andrzej Stezik
  • BESIG Editorial Team: Roy Bicknell (Editor-in-chief), Markus Dietz, Lynn Nikkanen, Mandy Welfare, Mike Canning, Rachel Appleby

English for Speakers of Other Languages Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Lesley Painter-Farrell


  • Newsletter Editors: Oya Karabetca, Mike Chick and Caroline Okerika
  • Reviews Editor: Lesley Painter-Farrell
  • Social media manager: Roshii Jolly
  • Web Site Coordinator: Pauline Blake-Johnston
  • Committee Members: Janet Golding

English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Aysen Guven and Caroline Hyde-Simon


Global Issues Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Varinder Unlu


  • Publications coordinators: Linda Ruas and Rose Aylett (co-opted)
  • Issues month coordinator: Dragana Stegic
  • Webmaster: László Hajba
  • Social media coordinator: Gergö Fekete
  • Discussion list animator: Bill Templer
  • Discussion list moderator: Vacancy
  • Event organiser: Vacancy
  • Newsletter editor: Vacancy
  • Membership and social networks: Vacancy
  • Materials & publications coordinator: Vacancy
  • Advisory Committee: Dennis Newson, Wolfgang Ridder and Margit Szesztay

Inclusive Practices and Special Educational Needs Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Anne Margaret Smith


  • Secretary: Rom Neves
  • Treasurer: Jana Jilkova
  • Events Coordinator: Anette Igel 
  • Newsletter Editor: Anna Pires
  • Web Manager: Parisa Mehran
  • Social Media Coordinator: Rachael Harris
  • Committee member without portfolio: Giovanni Licata

Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators & PCE organisers: Christian Ludwig and Lawrie Moore-Walter


Leadership and Management Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Andy Hockley


  • Publications & networking: George Pickering
  • Publications and mentoring: Gerhard Erasmus 
  • Events & publications: Liam Brown
  • Events & publications: Evrim Üstünlüoğlu
  • Events & membership: Josh Round
  • Networking & mentoringLoraine Kennedy
  • Membership & secretary: Jenny Johnson
  • Mentoring & web team: Marina Gonzalez
  • Design & web team: Katherine Martinkevich

Literature Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Rob Hill


Learning Technologies Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Sophia Mavridi


Materials Writing Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Aleksandra Popovski


  • Events Coordinators: Clare Maas, Katherine Bilsborough and Fiona Mauchline
  • Publications Coordinator: Ceri Jones
  • Deputy Publications Coordinator: Penny Hands
  • Technology and Social Media Coordinator: Jennifer Dobson
  • Website Manager: Nicholas Tims

Pronunciation Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Catarina Pontes


  • Social Media Coordinator: Beata Walesiak
  • Finance Officer: Piers Messum
  • Journal Editor: Gemma Archer
  • Events Organiser: vacancy
  • Webmaster: vacancy
  • Members-at-large: Jonathan Marks, Jane Setter, Robin Walker and Wayne Rimmer

Research Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Kenan Dikilitas and Ana Inés Salvi


  • Treasurer: Seher Balby
  • Joint Outreach Coordinators: Elena Oncevska Ager and Loreto Aliaga Salas 
  • Newsletter Co-editors: Dario Banegas, Emily Edwards and Jessica MackayOnline Discussion Board Moderator: Chris Banister 
  • Membership and Scholarships Coordinator: Larysa Sanotska
  • Membership Coordinator: Robert Cooper 
  • Web and Digital Media Manager: Ernesto Vargas Gil 
    Publications Officer: Mark Wyatt 
  • PCE Organiser: Yasmin Dar
  • Advisory member: Sian Etherington
  • Online Discussion Board Moderator: vacancy
  • Events and Webinar Coordinator: vacancy
  • Events Coordinator: vacancy


Teacher Development Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Tyson Seburn


  • Publications & #tdsiglive: Fiona Mauchline
  • Publications and website: Adam Simpson
  • Publications & scholarships / ECT: Chris Farrell
  • Publications & #tdsiglive: Cecilia Lemos
  • Publications: Serkan Aras
  • Website & Social Media: Michael Harrison
  • Developod: Christian Tiplady
  • Social media & Developod: James Taylor
  • Social Media & scholarships / ECT: Vacancy
  • Developod & scholarships / ECT: Tania Iveson

Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Burcu Tezcan-Unal


Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group

Joint CoordinatorsCeyda Mutlu and Mehvar Ergun Turkkan


  • TEASIG webinar joint coordinators: Neil Bullock and Sharon Hartle
  • Testing Evaluation and Assessment Today Editor:  Maggi Lussi Bell
  • Events Coordinator: Mehtap Ince
  • Webmaster: Thom Kiddle
  • Social Media Coordinator: Saeede Ide Haghi

Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group

Coordinator: David Valente


Being a member of IATEFL has helped me build a network of professional colleagues, develop my knowledge, and also the chance to make my first presentation at an international conference.
Lecturer in TESOL