Who's who in IATEFL

Head Office

  • Chief Executive: Jon Burton
  • Deputy Chief Executive: Louise Atkins
  • Senior Bookkeeper: Iwona Minkowska
  • Conference Programme Coordinator: Sarah Ward
  • Conference Planning Officer:  Laura Creed
  • Exhibition, Sponsorship and Advertising Officer: Alex Waller (maternity cover)
  • Volunteer Support Officer: Hazel Frost  
  • Membership and Careers Officer: Freya Rutt
  • Membership and Publications Officer: Ewa Minkowska
  • Finance Administrator: Linda James

Trustees, Patron and Advisory Council

Board of Trustees:

Aleksandra Popovski

Vice President
Christopher Graham

Bethany Cagnol

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

Membership Committee Chair
Gerhard Erasmus

Special Interest Group Representative
Andy Hockley

Digital Committee Chair
Georgia K. Papamichailidou

Associate Representative
Jean Theuma

Trustees can also be contacted by emailing [email protected].


Jan Blake
Find out more about IATEFL's new Patron here

Advisory Council:

  • As Editor of the ELTJ: Dr Alessia Cogo
  • As representative of the British Council: Mike Solly
  • Individual members: Amos Paran and Catherine Walter

Executive Committees

Associates Committee: Jean Theuma (Chair), Beatrix Price, Mirela Cristina Manea Gültekin and Freya Rutt (Head Office representative)

Conference Committee: Aleksandra Popovski (Chair), Christopher Graham, and Metin Esen. Head Office representatives:  Alex Waller (maternity cover), Sarah Ward, Louise Atkins, Jon Burton and Laura Creed

Digital Committee: Georgia K. Papamichailidou (Chair), Sanja Bozinovic, Marcio Oliveira, Pola Papadopoulou, Georgia Papamichailidou and Louise Atkins (Head Office representative)

Membership Committee: Gerhard Erasmus (Chair), Syke Annamma Kumaran, Freya Rutt and Jon Burton (Head Office representatives)

Publications Committee: Christopher Graham (Chair), Marina Gonzalez, Vicky Papageorgiou, Arum Perwitasari  and Ewa Minkowska (Head Office representative)

Other Committees

Scholarship Committee: Christian Ludwig (Chair), Wiktoria Allan, Ben Beaumont, Laura Creed, Blerta Mustafa and Nora Tartsay-Nemeth

Voices Editor: Derek Philip-Xu

  • The Editor of Voices can also be contacted by post via: IATEFL, 2-3 The Foundry, Seager Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7FD, United Kingdom

Conference Selections Editor: Deborah Bullock

IATEFL representative on the ELTJ Editorial panel: Shelagh Rixon

IATEFL representative on the ELTJ Advisory board: Richard Smith

Business English Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Marjorie Rosenberg & Sarah Plochl 


English for Speakers of Other Languages Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Vivi Bairami


English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Caroline Hyde-Simon


Global Issues Special Interest Group

Inclusive Practices and Special Educational Needs Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Giovanni Licata & Aysen Deger


Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Giovanna Tassinari & Lawrie Moore


Leadership and Management Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Barbara Craig and Josh Round


Literature Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Gerhard Finster


Learning Technologies Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Maria Diakou


Materials Writing Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Heather Buchanan


Pronunciation Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Gemma Archer and Adam Scott


Research Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Ernesto Vargas Gil



Teacher Development Special Interest Group

​​​​​Joint Coordinators: Cecilia Lemos Harmer & James Taylor


Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Bahar Gun & Clare Hayward 


Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Maria Davou & Joanna Wrzesinska


Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Laura McWilliams


IATEFL Ambassadors

The role of IATEFL Ambassadors was reviewed and relaunched in 2022 as part of the Association’s drive to further build awareness of what we are, what we do, and the benefits of working with, or joining IATEFL. On a rolling basis a small number of individuals are identified based on their passion, their commitment to the Association, and their existing links and networks within the profession, and invited to accept the role for a minimum of 12 months.

Ambassadors are tasked with raising awareness of IATEFL within the wider English language teaching profession, and in supporting fundraising initiatives. The role involves:

  • motivating people to support and join IATEFL
  • informing people about what we do
  • increasing the reach of the association throughout the world.

We would like to thank our volunteer IATEFL Ambassadors for their hard work and commitment.

Sandy Millin is a freelance ELT consultant, teacher trainer, and materials writer, as well as an experienced presenter across a whole range of subjects. She is currently Deputy Tech Coordinator for     MaWSIG, and was previously part of the IATEFL Membership and Marketing Committee, where she helped to set up the IATEFL Voices blog. Sandy blogs at http://sandymillin.wordpress.com and tweets @sandymillin. She has self-published books focussed on teacher development (ELT Playbook 1 and ELT Playbook Teacher Training), and a book of ways to adapt speaking activities (Richer Speaking). 

Being a member of IATEFL has taught me so much, through the people I've met at conferences, the skills I've picked up on committees and in SIGs, the many talks I've attended and the feedback I've had on talks I've presented myself. Put simply, I wouldn't be the professional I am now without IATEFL. Becoming an IATEFL Ambassador is a wonderful opportunity to share the benefits of being part of such a diverse international organisation, and to help it continue to develop into the future.

Evan Frendo is a freelance teacher, trainer and author, specializing in Business English and English for Specific Purposes. His expertise is on training individuals and groups to improve their English so that they can operate more effectively in an international business environment. Sometimes this involves running courses and seminars, but more and more of his time is spent providing consultancy services to international corporations, training business English teachers and writing training materials. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany, but his work takes him to different parts of Europe and Asia. Visit www.e4b.de to find out more about Evan and what he does.

I have been an active member of IATEFL since 1993, and have benefited enormously from my involvement, not only via stints as a Trustee, and as a SIG Coordinator, but also via the countless interactions with IATEFL members and affiliates over the years. I am particularly pleased to take on a role as ambassador because it will help me spread the word to the many thousands of English language teachers who work in contexts not traditionally associated with mainstream ELT (e.g. workplace learning and development, corporate communications, management training), and who may not know much about IATEFL and what it has to offer.

Sarah Mercer is Professor of Foreign Language Teaching at Graz University, Austria. Her work focuses on the psychology of language learning and teaching. She has authored, co-authored and co-edited a number of books in this area and been principal investigator on several funded projects in this field.

IATEFL was the first professional association I joined and has been my home ever since. Although my work profile has changed over the years, my link to the association has remained strong and fulfilling. I cherish the friendships and work partnerships which have been formed through the association, and have very fond memories of my years as a SIG Coordinator. The conference is a key fixture in my academic year and I love meeting and learning from colleagues working in diverse contexts across the globe. I am absolutely thrilled to be invited to further the work of the association as an ambassador and hope I can help others connect to this wonderful community and reap the same benefits I have enjoyed for many years.

George Pickering is a widely known educational coach, consultant and trainer, who has worked professionally in over 65 countries. He is currently a senior inspector for Accreditation UK and the academic course director of the English UK Diploma in ELT Management in the UK and China. He was a trustee and a director of IATEFL for a total 12 years, as both the treasurer and later as SIG representative. George was also the co-ordinator of LAMSIG and newsletter editor for many years. He helped establish the IATEFL projects scheme for IATEFL Associates, was the co-designer of the IATEFL leadership programme for IATEFL associates, and was the co-editor of the Best of SIGS publication. He is currently conducting research into alternatives to neoliberal capitalism (purpose-driven organisations, co-operatives) and staff wellbeing and engagement.

I am absolutely delighted to be an IATEFL ambassador. The association has played a major part in my own professional development and helped me to grow as a leader, researcher, writer and speaker. I see my role as not only encouraging individuals and institutions to join the association, but also to play as active a role as possible once they are in it. I would encourage everyone to move up the ladder of contribution and to go from listening to and reading the words of others, to writing your own articles and giving talks at IATEFL events. The association prides itself on helping first-time writers and speakers make their professional mark. SIGs and other parts of IATEFL are all on the lookout for people who want to become active in the association.

I believe that the more you contribute to the association, the more you will get out of it in terms of professional development, and creating your own sense of belonging to a professional community. My general advice would be: ‘Ask not what IATEFL can do for you, Ask what you can do for IATEFL’.

Syke Annamma Kumaran is a teacher, presenter and an ELT consultant. He was a Fulbright Fellow at Claremont Graduate University, California. He has taught English for over 20 years in India and in the U.S. and he has been supporting teachers of English worldwide for over 15 years as a volunteer and mentor. His volunteering experience with IATEFL includes: member of the Membership Committee, curator of the IATEFL blog, moderator of IATEFL monthly webinars, moderator of the IATEFL Facebook group, member of the webinar proposals selection committee, member of Digital Committee, photographer-cum-reporter of three annual conferences and one of the hosts of IATEFL Virtual Conferences.

I’m thrilled to be an IATEFL ambassador. IATEFL definitely holds the key role in shaping me professionally, by giving me ample opportunities to work with different ELT communities in the world. I have been doing various volunteering activities in the past ten years for IATEFL, the leading organization in the world to support ELT professionals. As an ambassador, I hope I can help others to join with this wonderful bunch of ELT professionals for their professional and personal growth.

Harry Kuchah Kuchah is a Past President of IATEFL.
Bio to follow.

IATEFL is where I meet colleagues with similar interests to me, and find out what's new in English language teaching.
Marie Annick
Course Director