Who's who in IATEFL

Head Office

  • Chief Executive: Jon Burton
  • Deputy Chief Executive: Louise Atkins
  • Senior Bookkeeper: Iwona Minkowska
  • Conference Programme Coordinator: Sarah Ward
  • Conference Planning Officer:  Laura Creed
  • Exhibition, Sponsorship and Advertising Officer: Annie Park  
  • Membership Officer: Lucy Julians
  • Special Interest Groups and Publications Officer: Eleanor Baynham
  • Jobs Market and Careers Fair Officer: Freya Rutt
  • Finance Administrator: Linda James

Patron, Trustees and Advisory Council

Patron: Professor David Crystal, OBE, FBA

Board of Trustees:

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

Vice President
Harry Kuchah Kuchah

Bethany Cagnol

Ros Wright

Membership Committee Chair
Mojca Belak

Special Interest Group Representative
Judith Mader

Digital Committee Chair
Shaun Wilden

Associate Representative
Jean Theuma

Trustees can also be contacted by emailing [email protected].

Advisory Council:

  • As Patron: David Crystal
  • As Editor of the ELTJ: Dr Alessia Cogo
  • Individual members: Roy Cross, Amos Paran, Catherine Walter and Johannes Wassenberg

Executive Committees

Associates Committee: Jean Theuma (Chair), Marta Bujakowska, Mirela Cristina Manea Gültekin and Lucy Julians 

Conference Committee: Harry Kuchah Kuchah (Chair), Louise Atkins, Jon Burton, Laura Creed, Sarah Mount, Annie Park, Sarah Ward and Ros Wright

Digital Committee: Shaun Wilden (Chair), Louise Atkins, Sanja Bozinovic, Marcio Oliveira, Pola Papadopoulou and Georgia Papamichailidou

Membership Committee: Mojca Belak (Chair), Syke Annamma Kumaran, Lucy Julians, Maria-Araxi Sachpazian and Bozica Saric-Cvjetkovic

Publications Committee: Gabriel Diaz Maggioli (Chair), Eleanor Baynham, Vicky Papageorgiou and Arum Perwitasari

Other Committees

Scholarship Committee: Maureen McGarvey (Chair), Ben Beaumont, Laura Creed, Christian Ludwig, Amos Paran, Nora Tartsay-Nemeth and Adrian Tennant

Voices Editor: Tania Pattison

  • The Editor of Voices can also be contacted by post via: IATEFL, 2-3 The Foundry, Seager Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7FD, United Kingdom

Conference Selections Editor: Deborah Bullock

IATEFL representative on the ELTJ Editorial panel: Shelagh Rixon

IATEFL representative on the ELTJ Advisory board: Richard Smith

Business English Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Rob Howard and Maria Szugfil


English for Speakers of Other Languages Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Lesley Painter-Farrell


  • Joint event managers: Larysa Agbaso and Vivi Bairami
  • General committee member: Kathryn Sidaway
  • Newsletter editor: Mike Chick 
  • Reviews editor: Lesley Painter-Farrell
  • Social media manager: Roshii Jolly
  • Website coordinator: Pauline Blake-Johnston

English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Caroline Hyde-Simon


Global Issues Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Rose Aylett


  • Publications: Linda Ruas
  • Publications & events: Hind Elyas
  • Online: Gergö Fekete & László Hajba

Inclusive Practices and Special Educational Needs Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Rachael Harris & Giovanni Licata





Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Giovanna Tassinari & Lawrie Moore-Walter


Leadership and Management Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Gerhard Erasmus


  • Communications and newsletter sub-committeeSandra Pitronaci
  • Design & web team: Katherine Martinkevich
  • Digital/Technology/Design/Social media sub-committee: Alex Walls
  • Events & publications: Evrim Üstünlüoğlu
  • Events & membership: Josh Round
  • Mentoring & web team: Marina Gonzalez
  • Membership & secretary: Lucia Marotta
  • Publications & networking: Andy Hockley
  • Publications and mentoring: Gerhard Erasmus

Literature Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Rob Hill


Learning Technologies Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Vicky Saumell


Materials Writing Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Aleksandra Popovski


  • Events coordinators: Heather Buchanan, Niki Joseph and Clare Maas
  • Publications coordinator: Ceri Jones
  • Deputy publications coordinator: Penny Hands
  • Technology and social media coordinator: Jennifer Dobson
  • Joint website managers: Sandy Millin and Nick Tims

Pronunciation Special Interest Group

Joint Coordinators: Gemma Archer and Adam Scott


Research Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Ernesto Vargas Gil



Teacher Development Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Tyson Seburn


  • Publications: Serkan Aras, Chris Farrell, Cecilia Lemos and Irene Varela
  • Website/social media: Karine Guerra Briques, James Taylor and Irene Varela
  • Developod: Tania Meridew, James Taylor and Christian Tiplady
  • Scholarships: Tania Meridew and Irene Varela
  • #tdsiglive: Karine Guerra Briques and Fiona Mauchline



Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Bahar Gun


Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group

Coordinator: Maggi Lussi Bell (interim)


  • Events coordinator: Mina Patel
  • Social media coordinator: Saeede Ide Haghi
  • Testing Evaluation and Assessment Today editor: Maggi Lussi Bell
  • Webinar coordinator: Anna Soltyska
  • Webmaster (interim): Thom Kiddle

Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group

Coordinator: David Valente


IATEFL has made me a better teacher, and also to mature as a person and professional while giving me the tools to develop.