Delegate wellbeing

IATEFL aims to ensure all conference delegates have a positive, enjoyable, valuable and safe experience. Please read the following useful information:

What should I bring?

Experienced delegates report that some of the most important things to consider bringing with you are:

  • comfortable shoes (you can end up doing a lot of walking between sessions over the four days of the conference),
  • an umbrella (you never quite know with British weather!),
  • an electrical adaptor and mobile phone charger,
  • your Delegate information email,
  • and if you're travelling from another country don't forget your passport!

Delegate behaviour and safety

We require all IATEFL Conference delegates, whether they are members of IATEFL or not, to abide by the association's Code of Conduct. This stresses the importance of respect and that discrimination, bullying and harassment are not permitted. IATEFL reserves the right to remove a delegate from a session or the whole conference without reimbursement of fees if it is felt someone has breached the Code of Conduct, and will contact the police if it feels a law has been broken.

We would advise all delegates to take reasonable precautions to ensure their safety, without detracting from their enjoyment of the event. These might include not walking back to your hotel late in the evening on your own, not carrying large amounts of money or your passport with you all the time, and not leaving your bag or belongings (such as your mobile phone or handbag) unattended.

Stewards and staff

IATEFL stewards, as well as venue staff, will be in attendance throughout the conference venue. They are there to assist you and guide you, as well as to ensure only registered delegates attend sessions (so don't forget your conference badge!), and that all delegates abide by our Code of Conduct. If you have any concerns during the conference please speak to a steward, a member of venue staff, or a member of IATEFL's Head Office team at the Registration Desk.

Prayer Room

A multi-faith room will be made available for delegates' use in room 7.

Quiet Zone

We have allocated West Bar as a quiet space for those who may need some respite from the busy atmosphere of the conference. We ask that if you are enjoying this space, mobile phones are switched to silent, headphones are used if you want to listen to music and conversation is kept to a minimum.

Disabled access

Disabled access entrances, as well as lifts and disabled toilet facilities, are available throughout the venue. For further information please see the Brighton Conference Centre website or speak to a member of the venue staff on your arrival.

If you have a problem...

  • Where can I find a dentist?
  • What is the telephone number for a local taxi company?
  • What are the times of the trains to London on the last day of the conference?
  • What is the code for the Wi-Fi?

For the answers to these questions and many more please go to the Brighton Conference Centre Information Desk, located in the foyer.

Further advice and useful links: