Our development strategy

IATEFL's overall mission is set out here in our Mission, goals and practices document which can be found in our key documents.

In order to continue to achieve this mission, to stay relevant, the association has a current strategy which is regularly reviewed and updated, and reported back to members on at our Annual General Meeting.

IATEFL's current development strategy has four main themes:

1.  Continual professional development

  • To explore how IATEFL can enhance how it helps ‘develop’ members through additional CPD opportunities.

2.  Online platform

  • To provide IATEFL members with an improved website and database with improved accessibility, navigation, functionality and mobile access, as well as a ‘hub’ for members to access IATEFL services and resources, as well as signposting other external services, resources and opportunities.

3. Membership review

  • To better understand our membership and the wider community who engage with IATEFL in order to then effectively review the types of membership, member benefits, and the split between what is offered just to members and what is offered to non-members.

4. Sustainability

  • To review the ways in which IATEFL can reduce its carbon footprint wherever possible in all aspects of how it operates, and encourage action from others.


IATEFL has made me a better teacher, and also to mature as a person and professional while giving me the tools to develop.