ReSIG: The role of research in English language teaching and teacher education

The IATEFL ReSIG PCE 2021 brings together researchers, language teachers and teacher educators who are interested in the role of research in English language teaching and teacher education. The event has two strands. While Strand A focuses on research in language teaching as part of developing research-related pedagogical competences in school or university classroom settings, Strand B considers research in the context of formal teacher education, highlights practices around research in various teacher education programs, and considers the role of research in continuing professional development. The PCE aims to explore these topics in-depth.

Strand A: Research in English language teaching

  • What and how to do research in language teaching
  • Who should do research in language teaching
  • Why research language teaching
  • When, where, how often to do research in language teaching

Strand B: Research in teacher education

  • Research during a BA, MA and Ph.D. in ELT
  • Research within teacher education programmes
  • Research for continuing teacher education and development


IATEFL PCEs 2021 terms and conditions​​​​​​


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18/06/2021 - 10:00 until 18/06/2021 - 17:00 UK time


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