Belfast 2022 sponsorship packages

The opportunities outlined below give you the option to pick areas of sponsorship that are most relevant to you - building a unique package that reflects your organisation and its key marketing goals. You can choose individual options or group multiple options together to boost your exposure.

Depending on your level of investment, your company will be listed under a tiered category of sponsorship. With each tier you will be offered additional key benefits to help promote your company further.  Whether you are looking to get your brand noticed, or perhaps want to use the IATEFL Conference as a platform for introducing a new product or service, sponsorship provides you the perfect opportunity to make new contacts whilst setting you apart from your competition.

Supporting the IATEFL Conference is your opportunity to connect with a very active ELT community. Our delegates are looking for new ideas which can help develop their work, but also for brands that they can rely on to achieve such goals - and that is where you could benefit from sponsorship exposure.

IATEFL recognises that no two organisations are the same, and whilst pre-determined sponsorship packages work for some marketing strategies, they do not always work for others. We understand that it’s important that all of our sponsors get the most out of their partnership with us, and so we have created a flexible approach to sponsorship that allows greater freedom when considering the best route to build your brand awareness.

If you like to discuss any of our existing opportunities, or if you would like to talk about your own ideas, please contact our Exhibition and Sponsorship Officer Annie Park at [email protected]

Please find all available packages listed below or download our sponsorship media pack for a full list.  All prices below are listed exclusive of VAT.