Update on the review of the use of the IATEFL name and branding

6th April 2023

This past year has seen an extensive consultation process carried out to address concerns about the use of the IATEFL name and logo by Associates. The Trustees and Chief Executive Officer have undertaken an in depth investigation of  the history of IATEFL and the Associates; held individual meetings with each of the IATEFL-named Associates; held further meetings with all Associates; held a meeting with a group of interested members; and provided an opportunity for all IATEFL members to voice their opinions. Following the consultation process, the Trustees are very happy to announce that a solution has been found which we feel is mutually beneficial to all concerned. 

The decision has been taken for IATEFL-named Associates to retain this name should they wish. However, in light of the Trustees’ concerns, an agreement will be introduced for IATEFL-named Associates and this will form part of the current Associate Agreement which is signed by Associates every three years. The new agreement includes a number of requirements which aim to minimise confusion between the IATEFL-named Associate and IATEFL, and to increase communication and collaboration between the two. 

Individual meetings have already been held with each of the IATEFL-named Associates to introduce and explain the agreement. The response has been positive, with one Associate already in the process of changing its name and another considering it. These Associates have embraced the opportunity to create their own identity and bring renewed life into their Associations. All IATEFL-named Associates are in the process of deciding the best course of action for their Association and members and will communicate the changes they may need to make in the coming year.

We are grateful to all Associates and IATEFL members for their input during this consultation period. This has been a complex and multifaceted issue and IATEFL appreciates the effort, thought and patience of those who have joined us to make this process exhaustive and considered, and helped to ensure that the outcome is equitable.