'The Saudi Organization of EFL Education' By Dr. Tahany Albaiz

10th December 2016

Supervised and operated by the English Language Institute at the University of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Although the English language Institute started as a branch, it has become an independent institute within the second public university in the vibrant city of Jeddah, The University of Jeddah. To grow even bigger and bigger, we decided to join the prominent IATEFL in 2015 and named our IATEFL organization The Saudi Organization of EFL Education. It is the second IATEFL associate in Saudi Arabia, along with KSAALT TESOL.

At the organization we planned many training courses that aimed at improving professional skills of language instructors across the institute. To make our professional development efforts more interactive and global at the same time, we’ve chosen to associate ourselves with the IATEFL, benefiting from a variety of webinars that offer up-to-date topics related to teaching English.

One of the strong starts for the Saudi Organization is being one of the main sponsors of the 1st International Conference of EFL Education which was held in Jeddah in October 31st till November 2nd. With the Saudi Organization of EFL Education as one of the exhibitors at the conference as well, we have collected many members who are very much interested in applying for membership.

As our future sustainable plans, we are aiming at establishing a plan that connects our activities with the Saudi Vision 2030, leading to enhancing language proficiency all over the country and extending regionally and globally. We also aim at not just being sponsors of conferences, we aim at organizing our own independent conference in the Gulf area. Our website is now under construction and will be launched soon. We can be contacted via our emails:

Dr. Saeed Aburizaizah ([email protected])

Dr. Tahany Albaiz ([email protected])

Dr. Sahbi Hidri ([email protected])