Review of the IATEFL's branding policy for Associates

2nd June 2022

As part of our Annual General Meeting in Belfast last month the Board of Trustees reported back to members on the association’s plans for the future. Having a clear strategy provides the association with direction, and sharing this with members provides clarity, accountability and openness.

One of these plans, also presented at Associates’ Day, was the start of a review of how IATEFL Associates share and promote their connection with IATEFL, the branding used and if this needs updating, and also to differentiate a little further between IATEFL and teaching associations using the name IATEFL in their title. Extra clarity in each of these areas will add additional inclusivity and diversity to the IATEFL Associate scheme around the world.

Since then, the trustees have been aware of a number of concerns expressed. Firstly, it is important to note that this was the presentation of a future plan, with a provisional timescale of two years, rather than an action already taken. The next stage, as explained, will now be a period of consultation. This will be with the wider IATEFL membership, IATEFL Associates in general, and most specifically with the Associates specifically concerned in the third area. All concerns and ideas raised as part of this process will be taken into consideration.

Our aim will be to collaboratively develop a plan which addresses the tangible issues which are causing concern and which we do feel need addressing, and also the thoughts and concerns of Associates. We hope and believe this will result in greater clarity, without diminishing the significance of IATEFL’s relationship with partner teaching associations who make up the larger IATEFL family, and to whom IATEFL remains committed to supporting.


For further information on setting up a teaching association, becoming an IATEFL Associate, a list of current IATEFL Associates, up-coming Associate events, and opportunities and support offered to IATEFL Associates, please visit the Associates area of our website.