Result of the call for nominations for the next Vice President of IATEFL

6th December 2021

As you will be aware, we recently put out a call for the role of Vice President of IATEFL. That call has now closed and we have received a valid nomination, proposed and seconded by current IATEFL members, from Aleksandra Popovski Golubovikj. Aleksandra is currently Coordinator of our Materials Writing Special Interest Group.

As no other valid applications were received, Aleksandra’s nomination will be taken forward for ratification at the Annual General Meeting in Belfast in May 2022 in the normal way. Whilst there is consequently no need for a hustings event between different candidates as happened last time, we are nonetheless planning an opportunity for those of you who haven’t met Aleksandra to get to know her, hear about her ideas and vision, and ask any questions you may have. This will be held as a Facebook Live event on the IATEFL Facebook page on Wednesday 15th December at 2pm UK time (see the time in your location). We hope to see you there!


Aleksandra's personal statement:

My passion for teaching and sharing knowledge comes from my own love for education. Now, after  24 years of learning and teaching, I am ready to use my knowledge and experience to support teachers  around the world on their professional journey. I believe that teachers’ associations can support  teachers in many ways. That is why I have been actively involved with our national association  ELTAM MK (North Macedonia) for 20 years – first as General Secretary and now as President – and  IATEFL for 10 years, currently as the Coordinator for MaWSIG (Materials Writing Special Interest  Group). 

One of IATEFL’s goals is to ‘Link, develop and support ELT professionals worldwide’. As a refugee  I always wanted to belong to a community, and I finally do. I want to help enhance that feeling of  community where teachers of English can expand teaching knowledge, receive professional support,  and connect with other teachers. I would like to connect IATEFL SIGs and Associates to organize  joint professional development events and create resources accessible to members and non-members.  

I am well-aware of all aspects of running a national teachers’ association and I look forward to  learning how to lead an international association such as IATEFL. I am a team player who can  collaborate with others easily and learn from them as well.  

I am and will always be fully committed to the betterment of teachers’ professional lives by making  the connection between IATEFL and teachers of English stronger through cooperation, collaboration, and mutual support.