Election of the next IATEFL Treasurer

22nd January 2020

We are delighted to announce that, following a call for nominations and election, Bethany Cagnol has been selected as the next IATEFL Treasurer, to take over from Colin Mackenzie when his term of office comes to an end at the Annual General Meeting which will take place in Manchester in April.

Thank you to both Bethany and Andy Hockley for putting themselves forward and creating such a high quality, difficult choice for members, and thank you to all the members who voted.

Congratulations to Bethany!


Find out more about Bethany Cagnol

Throughout my ELT career, I’ve developed essential skills that would contribute to being Treasurer of IATEFL. In 2005, I founded an English training company in Paris, France; this involved overseeing expenses, billing clients, and dealing with complex administration systems in a country where bureaucracy is a treasured pastime. Between 2009 and 2016, I served as President, Treasurer, and Membership Coordinator of TESOL France. In 2010, I was elected Treasurer of IATEFL BESIG and warmly welcomed into the ELT family of IATEFL. For BESIG, I carried out financial duties such as:

  • Submitting the SIG’s budget to IATEFL Head Office for approval,
  • Presenting the financial report to its members,
  • Looking after committee expenses,
  • Helping prepare and oversee event budgets,
  • Advising events coordinators on specific financial questions.

During my six-year term, I gained a deep understanding of what it takes to make IATEFL the outstanding association it is today. It’s a well-known fact that Treasurer is one of the most difficult positions to fill in an association. Therefore, if elected, I will put in place financial advisory services for SIGs and collaborate with the IATEFL Associates Representative in order to assist treasurers in their role (e.g. in the form of webinars and training sessions). I will also collaborate with the Board of Trustees and Head Office in their continued efforts towards more transparency. And finally, I promise to listen to you, the members. I will welcome your questions, your advice, and your feedback on the financial matters of this great association.