'Diary of a scholarship winner, part 2' by Katy Muench

1st April 2017

This is the second of a three-part series by Katy Muench, one of the Glasgow 2017 scholarship winners. In part one, she introduced herself and told you about the process of applying for and getting a scholarship. In this part, she will tell you about her expectations before this year’s conference, and in part three, she will reflect on her conference experience this year. Over to Katy…

I’m leaving for Glasgow this weekend, and have about a thousand things to do. I have two main worries on my mind. The first is finishing my workshop off. As usual I have far too many ideas and have to condense them down to fit into my given time slot. The second worry is travel related. Due to new security regulations, I have to check in my laptop when flying from Turkey to the UK. I need my laptop for the workshop so have no choice other than to bring it and hope for the best. I’ll be out hunting for bubble wrap before my journey.

It’s not all worries though – I’m really looking forward to being in Glasgow. I am especially looking forward to the Global Issues pre conference event. There are a few speakers there who I have seen before and am excited to see again. I’m also really pleased that JJ Wilson is giving a plenary as I saw him a few years ago at a conference in Istanbul and found him inspiring. It will also be great to meet the other scholarship winners and share our teaching experiences from around the world.