PronSIG: 'Introduction to using Praat in pronunciation teaching'

A PronSIG webinar presented by Pavel Sturm

This webinar explores the possibilities of Praat for use in pronunciation classes, especially as feedback to students. Its main functions will be shown, such as recording audio files, reading and saving files or creating annotations and other objects. Basic phonetic concepts will be discussed and related to visual cues in the waveform, spectrograms or pitch contours. A practical demonstration will show how to evaluate students’ pronunciation (e.g. segmental substitutions, linking).

Pavel Šturm is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Phonetics, Charles University, Prague. His research interests lie mainly in the domain of L2 pronunciation, focusing on segmental aspects in terms of production and on foreign accent evaluation and perception.

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SIG Webinar


04/04/2020 - 10:30 UK time
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free of charge