What pronunciation teachers can learn from international teaching assistants

An IATEFL PronSIG webinar presented by Vijay Ramjattan

This webinar explores how the experiences of international teaching assistants (ITAs) in English-medium universities in the Global North can help pronunciation teachers critically reflect on their pedagogy. Examining ITA experiences raises several important questions. First, how much pronunciation instruction is enough to facilitate oral communication in intercultural settings? Moreover, how can this instruction fight against the linguistic racism experienced by those with "foreign-sounding" accents? Lastly and relatedly, should pronunciation training be given to privileged listeners of "foreign-accented" speech?


Vijay Ramjattan is an instructor in the International Foundation Program at the University of Toronto. His research and teaching interests pertain to language, race, and workplace learning.



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SIG Webinar


24/09/2022 - 12:00 UK time
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