The Owl Factor: KNOW, SHOW, GROW

An IATEFL Webinar presented by Andre Hedlund

The Owl Factor assumes that the teaching and learning process is built around the idea of exchange and resources. There are two agents, teacher and students, and they use a multitude of resources to exchange something.

We can narrow these exchanges down to a three-stage approach: KNOW-SHOW-GROW. When teacher and students meet, they come to KNOW something. They might know something about each other, about the content that is being shared, or about the most effective ways to teach that content. But for either agent to learn what the other one knows, they have to SHOW something.

They can speak, demonstrate, present, write, etc. When this exchange takes place, both teacher and students GROW in the process. They leave the classroom with something extra. This session will look at how we can use the available resources to make each of the three steps successful as we get inspired by the lessons we can find in fables and philosophy.


About the presenter

Andre Hedlund is a Chevening Alumnus - MSc in Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol, an Educational Consultant, Speaker, university Lecturer on Bilingualism and Cognition, and Academic Director of EdYOUFest. Also a member of BRAZ-TESOL’s Mind, Brain, and Education SIG. He's the author of The Owl Factor: Reframing your Teaching Philosophy, and he blogs at

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IATEFL Webinar


08/10/2022 - 15:00 UK time
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