LitSIG: Poetry By Heart - exploring the sounds of English through poetry

An IATEFL Literature SIG webinar presented by Julie Blake

In this interactive workshop, Dr Julie Blake will share resources developed for children, young people and teachers to explore poetry in English through its sound - by choosing a poem, learning it by heart and performing it out loud. There will be a guided tour of some of the resources freely available to educators at Then there will be an interactive element where we try out a classroom resource together, having a go at learning and performing a poem together online, and then reviewing the experience and how it might be adapted for your students. Finally, there will be a short introduction to the Poetry By Heart speaking competition. 

Poetry By Heart was founded in 2012 by Julie and former UK Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion. It is a unique collaboration between educators and poets, offering free curated collections of poems for young people, resources for teaching and learning about poetry and an annual poetry speaking competition entered by video upload. Until recently the competition was only available to schools in England and France but we are currently running a very small pilot in the expectation that we will extend that invitation to many more schools from Autumn 2022. 


Dr Julie Blake co-directs Poetry By Heart. She has a doctorate in Literature in Education, a masters degree in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, and decades of experience as a teacher and teacher educator. She is currently interested in the capacity of speaking poetry by heart to enrich lives and language learning, especially with regard to its felt phonological dimensions. 






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SIG Webinar


09/04/2022 - 15:00 UK time
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Free of charge