IATEFL Short Course: conflict management

Course title: There is no escaping conflict, there is only good (or bad) conflict management

Trainer: Ania Kolbuszewska

Course content: This workshop is for everyone, because all of us face potential confrontations – at home and at work, when learning and when teaching, when managing and when being managed. Luckily, dealing with conflict successfully is a skill which you can master. You won’t make conflicts go away, but you may substantially reduce their negative consequences for all concerned. Success in resolving conflict depends on understanding it, and on the tools we have developed to handle it. It also depends on how far we are aware of our attitude towards conflict, of our communication styles, and of the impact our attitude and communication have on the situation. In this practical workshop we will explore issues connected with differences in understanding of conflict and how this affects conflict resolution. We will look at instinctive reactions to conflict and whether we can change them. We will also work on using constructive communication patterns to help prevent or resolve conflict.  Throughout the workshop we will analyse example situations to see how we can apply the techniques presented to handle confrontation constructively. 

In addition to the 3-hour course itself, participants receive a recording of the workshop, all of the associated materials, and a certificate of achievement.

Course price: IATEFL members: £19, non-members: £29
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IATEFL Webinar


05/04/2022 - 09:00 until 05/04/2022 - 12:00 UK time
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Short course price: IATEFL members: £19, non-members: £29

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