Surviving burnout

An IATEFL webinar presented by Carol Griffiths

Teaching is widely recognized as a very demanding profession, which has only become even more demanding in recent times with the advent of COVID. The profession has high levels of attrition, and yet the topic of teacher burnout is conspicuous by its absence from much of the language teaching literature. This webinar will therefore examine what there is on the subject  in the existing literature, before presenting some original vignettes of teachers' experiences, which will then be examined for salient themes. We will then look at some accounts of how teachers have coped with and survived burnout, and suggest implications which other teachers and other stakeholders in the education industry (e.g. students, parents, school authorities, administrators, policy makers) might find helpful. I will conclude by trying to explain why tackling teacher stress is so important, both for teachers themselves, and also for the other stakeholders, especially the learners.

Carol Griffiths has been a teacher, manager and teacher trainer of ELT for many years. She has taught in many places around the world, including New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, China, North Korea, Turkey and the UK. She is currently working as Professor of ELT for Girne American University in North Cyprus and also as Research Professor at Auckland Institute of Studies in New Zealand and the University of Leeds in the UK. She has presented at numerous conferences and published widely, including her books Lessons from Good Language Learners, Developing Teacher Autonomy through Action Research, The Strategy Factor in Successful Language Learning, Lessons from Good Language Teachers and Individual Differences in Successful Language Learning . Individual differences, teacher education and support, English as a medium of instruction, English as a lingua franca, action research, and using literature to teach language are her major areas of research interest. Email: [email protected]. Webpage:




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08/01/2022 - 13:00 UK time
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