PronSIG: Pronunciation and drama - becoming more expressive in English

An IATEFL PronSIG webinar presented by Marisol Hernández

This webinar will highlight the key aspects Pronunciation and Drama share, and how through interdisciplinary work, our students can benefit from valuable tools that are essential in actor training, such as improvisations, relaxation and concentration exercises, vocal warm-ups, script transcription, and building-a-character exercises. This physical approach will help them develop their idiolect in English, improve intelligibility and become more expressive.

Marisol Hernández is a lecturer in English Phonetics and Language, a Spanish-English interpreter, and an actress. She is interested in how actor training contributes to teaching pronunciation in EFL settings, fostering expressiveness and intelligibility. 



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SIG Webinar


19/09/2020 - 14:00 UK time
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free of charge