'Alternative assessment in online teaching'

An IATEFL monthly webinar with Maria Davou

Online environments totally transform our approaches to classroom-based assessment.  Teachers can therefore find it challenging to track progress, assess language development and help learners with an action plan for improvement. The role of alternative assessment in this new context becomes more central, albeit harder to implement. In this webinar we will explore practical tips and tools that can be used in principled ways to help teachers to both track progress and motivate learners but also, to help learners become more autonomous and independent in their own assessment process. We will look at specific web-tools through a formative assessment standpoint and a critical pedagogy framework. 

Maria Davou is a school owner, teacher, teacher trainer and researcher. She has a BA in Philosophy, Cambridge DELTA, an MA in TESOL, St Michael’s College, Vermont, and has studied for a PhD in Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University, UK. She is now completing her Doctorate degree in Athens. She held an ESRC research award. She has more than twenty-five years’ experience in teaching, teacher training and syllabus design in Greece, the UK and the US. She is a language school owner in Athens, promoting alternative and experiential models of teaching. She is an international trainer and academic consultant for publishing companies, private schools and Ministries of Education. She is an adjunct professor for the Hellenic American University (HAEC), where she teaches TESOL Management. 




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09/01/2021 - 15:00 UK time
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