TEASIG: CLIL classroom assessment: the process and the product

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is spreading rapidly worldwide. In Taiwan, over one thousand primary and secondary schools have been implementing or experimenting with CLIL courses since 2016, but they have lacked a valid assessment tool to measure students’ learning progress and promote effective learning.

This webinar will present how the LTTC developed appropriate assessment tools for CLIL programs through cross-curricular collaboration. Exemplary listening and speaking assessments will be used to demonstrate how language and content learning objectives can be fulfilled without compromising the depth of content knowledge. At the end of the presentation will be a Q&A session.


Ali Shuhsuan Ke

Currently serves as the Chief of the Training Division at the Language Training & Testing Center (LTTC) in Taiwan. She has been involved in the course design of professional development for bilingual teachers as well as English teacher training programs. She is currently overseeing various projects, covering topics such as the preparation of schoolteachers in readiness for EMI and CLIL programs, with a particular focus on developing a model that is more locally appropriate for Taiwan's bilingual teachers.

Vivian Wen-Chi Liu

Is an English Language Researcher in the Training Division of the Language Training & Testing Center (LTTC) in Taiwan. She has taught English to various levels of learners over the past decade in Taiwan. Currently, she is responsible for the design and delivery of professional development programs related to the national bilingual education policies, including bilingual teacher training programs, English language training courses for CLIL teachers, and assessment tools for primary school students. She is also involved in developing teaching and learning resources for CLIL teachers’ communities.


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20th June, 2023 9:00 AM
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