The neuroscience factor in language learning

IATEFL Webinar presented by Roxana Arean

The session will be about neuroscience and education or neuroeducation; a relatively new field that emerged in the 90’s. Knowledge is not real knowledge until we actually apply what we “learn”; that is, until we experience it. Knowing the theoretical background to base our decisions on is key to know why we do what we do but actually applying neuroscience principles in education- that is, taking action- will make a real difference in the way we approach our lessons and our students today. Education is a social activity, as long as we work with other people, we all share- no matter where you are in the world- a brain with almost identical functions. Thus, knowing who we are teaching and how our most important organ works is a fundamental part of teaching that should not be overlooked. Reframing, reflecting and questioning the way we teach is key in this 21st century full of rapid changes. The education of the future is here and we, as educators, must be the actors and the ones who make it possible.


About the Presenter


Roxana Arean is a graduate English Teacher and Translator with a Master’s degree in Audiovisual translation from the University of Cadiz, Spain. She’s also a certified Neurolanguage Coach® (Efficient Language Coaching, UK), a Neuropsycho educator (Asociación Educar, Argentina), a certified Biodecoder, and is currently studying NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). For the last few years, Roxana has been fully devoted to studying the human brain and the mind and applying scientifically proven techniques that have had great results and which keep thousands of students satisfied.

With over 15 years of teaching experience and the knowledge of all these complementary disciplines, she is eager to share and expand this new and revolutionary way of education, which not only improves but also empowers our students' learning. Roxana is the founder of Dream On ELC; an online academy which offers courses and Webinars- both for students and teachers- integrating neuroscience, coaching and emotional intelligence.


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3rd September, 2022 3:00 PM
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