PronSIG: Pron-tech collaborations: the role of technology in the pronunciation classroom

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Technology has the potential to be a great ally in our lessons, so how can we optimise its use when teaching pronunciation, and avoid possible pitfalls?

With easier access to mobile devices, the internet and a range of apps, learners (and teachers alike) may find it rather challenging to make wise choices when they want to study English, and more specifically, when they need to improve their pronunciation. With such a wide range, how can we choose what is aligned with learners’ needs and help them achieve their objectives more effectively?

Moreover, when selecting tech resources to be used in our lessons, how do we make sure they are actually going to add value to the learning experience? How can we ensure the use is pedagogically sound, and not mere entertainment?

Throughout the day in our Pre-Conference Event, participants will be invited to look into ways in which they can make the most of what is available in terms of tech resources – including podcasts, apps, and online tools to name a few – and critically analyse their relevance and applicability to help improve learners’ pronunciation in English.

Participants will be invited to share their experiences within their own unique teaching contexts, to help develop this into a productive learning experience for all.

Have your own device on hand as you join us for our PCE! Let’s discuss ideas and share good practices with colleagues from across the globe!

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12th June, 2021 10:00 AM through  4:00 PM
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