TEASIG: 'The language test development process: Main principles and suggestions for classroom practice'

An IATEFL TEASIG webinar presented by Olena Rossi

The quality of test items is crucial for test validity, and a well-organised test development process can substantially improve the quality of the items produced. Large testing organizations normally have complex item development procedures in place to ensure item quality. Such procedures, however, might not be feasible in classroom settings. Some insights from large examination bodies, who work hard to ensure the validity of their tests, can still be used to inform classroom test writing.

In this webinar, Olena will first provide an overview of test development processes used to produce large-scale language tests, including:

  • test-writing documentation (test frameworks, test specifications, item-writer guidelines)
  • item development and quality review
  • item trialling

Olena will then provide some practical test-writing suggestions that can be implemented in classroom settings to ensure test validity:

  • improving teachers' knowledge of language assessment
  • producing test specifications
  • writing test items in teams
  • peer‐reviewing items
  • analysing student responses

Olena Rossi is a doctoral student and associate lecturer at Lancaster University, UK, specialising in language testing. She has an MA in Language Testing, and her main research interests are item-writing, training item writers, and assessment literacy for test stakeholders. Olena has experience working as an examiner, item writer and item reviewer for several examination boards.  Prior to moving to the UK, Olena worked as an EFL teacher and teacher trainer in Ukraine, Malaysia, and China. She has facilitated assessment-related workshops and taught item-writing courses.






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SIG Webinar
Testing, Evaluation & Assessment


20/10/2020 - 17:00 UK time
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