‘Critical media literacy: Analysing and creating text with teachers and teacher education students‘

An IATEFL monthly webinar presented by Eugenia Carrión Cantón

We are surrounded by media in the shape of smartphones, video games, social networks and influencers. This technology can become either a blessing or a curse. It all depends on critical thinking.

Educators are highly aware that critical thinking must be taught, fostered and scaffolded. Thus, critical thinking  means not only deciding whether what others are communicating is a truth or a fallacy, but also  trying to  understand our own comprehension of the world.

In this webinar Teachers and student-teachers will learn a theoretical framework and practice pedagogical strategies for making their teaching more engaging and critical. It will invite participants to analyze texts from different genres in varieties of media, such as social networks, blogs and videos both to encourage critical thinking and to become media literate. Besides, considering that Media Literacy is a 21st century skill to develop as teachers and “teachers to be”, participants will also be invited to produce texts to incorporate this practice in their own classrooms. Finally, through these activities, participants will engage in critical thinking and material development for their diverse level language classrooms.

Eugenia Carrión Cantón is a qualified EFL educator with a Licentiate Diploma in English Literature from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management from FLACSO and she is currently attending MA in Education at Universidad Nacional de  Quilmes. She has taught extensively in the field of EFL, Cultural Studies, and Critical Citizenship at different levels. She has also presented  locally and internationally and published in international journals.  She is a former vice-chancellor at  Paulo Freire Teacher Training college and a curriculum developer for primary, secondary and teacher education in  Tierra Del Fuego AeIAS. Presently, she is in charge of Professional Development at TDFAeIAS Ministry of Education.  



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IATEFL Webinar


06/02/2021 - 15:00 UK time
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