PRONSIG IN-PERSON PCE 2024: Pronunciation ‘unplugged’: teachers as resources for low-tech classrooms

Join IATEFL Pronunciation Special Interest Group (PRONSIG) for their in person 2024 Pre-Conference Event on 15 April 2024- Pronunciation 'unplugged': teachers as resources for low-tech classroomsonunciation 'unplugged'

Today, many teachers of English language are fortunate to have a variety of resources at their disposal to aid their instruction: from a teacher’s library full of books and a photocopier to make class copies, interactive mobile phone apps, reliable internet access and smart boards onto which we can project audio and video from any genre that fits the lesson’s objectives. However, while access to these resources is increasingly common, particularly for pronunciation instruction, there will always be locations or scenarios when it is impossible or impractical to rely upon them. This could be a remote school with little funding or provisions; a classroom with unreliable technology or electricity supply; a lockdown with students who have little-to-no technological experience; or even a low-level or low-literacy class for whom colourful textbooks and innovative printed materials are of limited help. For our 2024 PCE IATEFL PronSIG wants to take you back to basics, and focus on the techniques, methods, and strategies that allow us to teach pronunciation ‘unplugged’. Turning away from ever-advancing technology for a day, we’ll share with you how you can teach pronunciation anywhere, to anyone, with nothing but yourself as a resource.

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15/04/2024 - 09:30 until 15/04/2024 - 17:00 UK time

United Kingdom


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