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IATEFL Webinars 


These webinars have been recorded as a resource for both members and non-members and can be found by clicking on the links below.


Madeleine du Vivier - 'How to write an effective IATEFL conference proposal'

September 2013

With 800+ conference proposal submissions IATEFL  has had to become more rigorous in its selection of conference presentation proposals.  Madeleine du Vivier will talk you through the different presentation formats to help you choose the one that best suits you, your topic and potential audience. She will give you tips on how to ensure that your proposal meets the selection criteria, and engage the attention and interest of both the proposals committee and your potential audience at conference.


Simon Greenall and Susan Barduhn - 'Preparing for your first Keynote talk or Plenary' 

October 2014

This webinar will share hints and tips to ensure your experience of presenting your first Keynote talk or Plenary is as rewarding an experience as possible.

This webinar was hosted by the LAMSIG and originated from the Fair List UK which has been set up by Past President, Tessa Woodward


*NEW* - Tips for first time attendees at the IATEFL annual conference

November 2015

Are you thinking about or planning to attend the IATEFL Annual International Conference for the first time?  Listen to a variety of first-time attendees talking about their experiences there, what they did to prepare, how they dealt with travel and accommodation and managed their finances. Discover information, hints and tips from those who recently took this big step. 


*NEW* - Madeleine du Vivier - 'How to prepare an effective conference presentation'

January 2016

Preparing a presentation for a conference can be daunting. This webinar looks at ways you can prepare your presentation in advance to maximise its success on the day and keep your audience engaged. Madeleine will provide you with hints and tips based on feedback from previous conferences as well as her own personal experiences, which should give you all the tools you need to deliver a professional and effective session. 


Susan Barduhn - 'How to get the most out of the IATEFL conference'

October 2015

This webinar is for new IATEFL Conference participants as well as those of you who have attended many conferences but feel your experience could go deeper. 


'How to give a presentation at an international conference' presented by Catherine Walter

March 2013

How to give a presentation at an international conference

Giving a presentation can be a stressful experience. This webinar will look at ways of organising yourself before your presentation and conducting yourself during your presentation to ensure the experience is more satisfying for both you and your participants.


Julian Wing from the British Council and Mercedes Viola Deambrosis discuss - "How to get the most out of IATEFL Online"

March 2014

Guest speakers will be Julian Wing from the British Council, responsible for organising IATEFL Online since 2007, and Mercedes Viola Deambrosis  who will share her experience of being an enthusiastic audience member for most of the years since then.


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