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2016 IATEFL Projects Award

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2016 Winner - Côte d'Ivoire Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (CI-ATEFL)

“Cote d’Ivoire Digital Learning Community (CI-DLC) Project”

An IATEFL Projects award was granted to CI-ATEFL in 2016 to fund a project aimed at training teachers in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and to create a Cote d’Ivoire Digital Learning Community (CI-DLC) - a tool to support English teachers and encourage them to get involved, communicate with each other and exchange materials, ideas and best practice.




ICT training covered everything from browsers and search engines to social media and transferring documents and multimedia files.

Digital Learning Community training covered using community platforms to handling files and collaborating.



"My impression about this workshop for teachers of English is that, first of all we have never seen or heard of such a workshop in my country, and the most important was the topic taught during the training, a very important one and for me of paramount importance for teachers."

Marcel Tanoh Kouassi

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