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AS Hornby Educational Trust and IATEFL Associates Teacher Association Development Projects Award

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The A. S. Hornby Educational Trust supports teacher development in developing countries and countries in transition. The Trust works with various partners to achieve this aim, including the British Council and IATEFL. The Trust wishes to make available to IATEFL Associates round the world project funding for activities which will support teacher and teacher association development in practical, sustainable and contextually relevant ways.

Two projects will be funded with a maximum of £2,000 granted for each project. The two projects will be chosen from the best proposals submitted by the deadline.
The projects will run during the period December 2016 – July 2017, with project reports required by the A. S. Hornby Trust from the project managers by the end of September 2017.
Successful projects supported by this scheme have been run by teachers’ associations in countries including Namibia, India, Albania, Serbia, Czech Republic and Cuba.
Examples of possible projects might include:

  • outreach projects to support a new hub or branch and/or increase recruitment of new members;
  • projects to evaluate existing provision and/or develop new services for members;
  • projects which spread expertise within the particular Teachers’ Association or across IATEFL Associates in other useful ways. 

The project awards do not fund conference costs, conference participation costs, commercial publications, or whole projects. Project teams are asked to raise some partner or sponsorship funding towards the total project budget (known as ‘matching funds’); some or even all of these ‘matching funds’ can be ‘goods in kind’, for example, free venue space, donated stationery, use of equipment, etc.
Teachers’ Associations applying for a project award must be based in a country where the British Council has an office so that it is possible to transfer the project funds to the successful association in-country.
Coordination of the evaluation process will be managed by Irene Lavington (Teacher Development and Networks, British Council).
Evaluation of project proposals will be carried out by Lou McLaughlin, (IATEFL Associates Representative), Tim Phillips, (Hornby Programmes Manager, British Council) and Trustees from the A. S. Hornby Educational Trust. 


  • Deadline for proposals: 31 Oct 2016
  • Results to Associates: 18 Nov 2016 (with funding transfer via British Council offices as soon as possible afterwards)
  • Projects running between: December 2016 and July 2017
  • Reports on completed projects: by end September 2017

How to submit a project proposal

If your Teachers’ Association would like to submit a proposal for Hornby Trust project funding, please complete the proposal form and send to Carol Davies by 31 October 2016.



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