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Phil Longwell with sunglasses

Phil Longwell - 'Mental Health Awareness for Employers within ELT'

Date and Time:

7 July 2018, 3pm BST

(click on link to find the time for your location or go to


  • Is it ever right to disclose a diagnosed mental health condition up front in an interview or having been hired for a job in language teaching? 
  • What kinds of factors are a cause of stress for language teachers? 
  • How confident do you feel at recognising symptoms of poor mental health in those teachers?
  • How can a manager support a language teacher without specific training? 
  • In what ways can an institution support the mental health and wellbeing of its employees?

We will look at these questions and more in this workshop as the presenter draws on personal experience, mental health training that he has undergone via the charity, Mind, and a recent large-scale piece of research that he carried out.  The presenter will ask for participants to contribute to the discussion, but this is entirely optional. Given the sensitive nature of the topic, you are welcome to edit your attendance name and make it anonymous.

How to edit your name in the webinar room:

  • register for the webinar using your first and last name as normal. This information will be used for your certificate of attendance.
  • On signing in on the day, go to the attendee pod, click on the drop down arrow in the right hand corner of the box and select "edit my info". You can now change the name that is displayed in the room.

How to make yourself anonymous


Phil Longwell is currently a pre-sessional tutor and IELTS invigilator at INTO UEA. He has worked in English Language teaching for over 10 years in places such as South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambridge and Leicester.  He is the current webmaster and former newsletter editor of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group and does promotional work for Teacher Training Videos.  This year, he has given a webinar on the mental health of language teachers for International House and presented his first talk on the same topic at the IATEFL conference in Brighton. He is an associate of the charity, Mind, has volunteered as a Time to Change ‘champion’ in Norfolk and has undergone mental health training with Mental Health First Aid England. He likes swimming and making short films.





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IATEFL SIG Webinars  Our sixteen Special Interest Groups (SIGs) also run their own webinars and online events which aim to give teachers professional development opportunities including the chance to share knowledge and best practices in specific areas of English Language Teaching. Below, you can find a full list of upcoming SIG related webinars. These webinars are free of charge, open to both members and non-members of IATEFL and no pre-registration is required. 

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 ESOL high res 300

Differing ESOL Perspectives from Scotland, England, Wales, and the USA - 

Presenters include: Roshii Jolly, Becca Reed and Mike Chick

24 July 2018, 7pm BST

Four ESOL teachers and programme coordinators from the England, the USA, Scotland and Wales will share and compare their experiences working in this field. This will include the challenges they face, the policy they have to navigate, how the current political climate is impacting their classrooms and finally, their hopes for the future ESOL field. 
Each country has very dramatic differences and yet the presenters all have the same goal: to improve the teaching of ESOL. Join us for an informative, useful and practical look at our field.

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besig logo col no strapline  Sherri Wiiliams - 'DIY Design: Crafting your Professional Image as a Freelancer'

5 August 2018, 3pm BST

You are an experienced, qualified, professional Business English trainer. You know how to help your participants improve their language skills, and you regularly invest in professional development to become a better trainer. Your current course participants know this and trust you, but what about potential new clients? How can they tell that you are a quality trainer? Does your brand image accurately reflect the quality of the service you provide? What is a brand image, anyway?

In this webinar, we’ll explore why good design is important – both for the materials you develop for your courses (worksheets, cards, transcripts) and the images you use to attract new clients (logos, letterheads, invoices, business cards). We’ll look at examples of good and bad design and discuss what makes them successful or unsuccessful. Sherri Williams will also show you lots of free or low-cost online tools and downloadable programs you can use to create your own designs. You don’t have to be a professional designer to create great designs – to find out more, join us!

Sherri Williams is a communications specialist based in Berlin, Germany. She studied studio art, graphic design and languages in the USA before beginning her teaching career in Montreal. She now works in Berlin with professionals in various industries to improve their English and communication skills through one-to-one training, workshops and intensive courses. She is the Chair of ELTABB (English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg) and a frequent speaker at international conferences including BESIG and IATEFL Poland.


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Participants Guide:

All IATEFL webinars are presented using the Adobe Connect platform.

To help you get the most out of attending an IATEFL webinar and to ensure your computer is configured properly, we have put together a guide which should cover most of the frequently asked questions. We hope you find it useful.



Past Events and Recordings:

The recordings of the webinars below and the slides used during their presentations can be found in the members' area of the IATEFL website. Please log in using your membership ID and password and then click on "webinars" to access them.

Margit Szesztay - 'Tapping into the creative potential of groups' (June 2018)

'From crisis to confidence: how language education is helping women in refugee communities' (May 2018) with presentations and discussion from Chris Sowton, Aleks Palanac, Mike Chick, Chrissie Brunton and Shan Sherwan Hussein

Mercedes Viola - 'Inclusive and equitable quality education in ELT' (March 2018)

Elizabeth Bekes and Marcela Carrasco - 'International English and its Implications for Teaching and Learning' (February 2018) The slides from Elizabeth and Marcela's session are available below or via the member area of the IATEFL website.

Richard Smith - 'Research is for teachers? You muct be joking!' (December 2017)

Mike Harrison - 'Visualising your thinking: ideas for using graphic organisers with learners and teachers' (October 2017)

Laura Patsko - 'Teaching pronunciation for English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)' (September 2017)

Nicola Meldrum - 'How can technology support and facilitate teacher development?' (August 2017)

Fabiana Casella - 'Once you go global, there is no coming back' (July 2017)

Anthony Gaughan - '40 things to do with a text' (6 May 2017)

Chaz Pugliese - 'Creating Motivation, Creating Learning' (18 March 2017)

Agnes Orosz - 'Practical ideas for teaching mixed level groups' (4 February 2017) 

Daniel Xerri - 'A Myriad Views on Creativity' (3 December 2016)

British Council and focus on Language for Resilience (5 November 2016) - read the associated report on Language for Resilience

Anne Margaret Smith - 'Including dyslexic language learners' (10 September 2016) 

David Little - 'Learner autonomy and its implications for the discourse of language teaching and learning' (20 August 2016) 

Nick Bilbrough -'The (second language) play's the thing' (2 July 2016) 

Valéria França - 'How challenging is it to promote change in the classroom?' (11 June 2016) 

Divya Madhavan Brochier - 'Ten truths (and a lie) about EMI' (14 May 2016) 

Mariel Amez - 'An online journey of self awareness (2 April 2016) 

Sinéad Laffan - 'The Cult of Schwa' (20 February 2016) 

Vicki Hollett and Christina Rebuffet-Broadus - 'How to get started making YouTube videos for your students' (23 January 2016) 

Hugh Dellar - 'Following the patterns: colligation and the necessity of a bottom-up approach to grammar' (26 September 2015) 

Nellie Muller Deutsch - 'Action research to improve instruction and learning' (29 August 2015) 

Andrew Cohen - 'Learner strategies for performing intercultural pragmatics' (18 July 2015)

Dorothy Zemach - 'Self-publishing ELT materials' (27 June 2015)

Charles Hadfield - 'Creative Grammar' (30 May 2015)

Rebecca Oxford - 'Positive Psychology in Language Learning: The Role of Hope, Optimism, and Resilience in Learners' Stories' (18 April 2015)

Jamie Keddie - 'Storytelling in the classroom' (14 March 2015)

Shelly Sanchez Terrell - 'Get Them Speaking & Learning with Digital Icebreakers' (28 February 2015)

Leo Selivan - 'Quizlet: more than just flashcards' (24 January 2015)

Nik Peachey - 'Getting the most out of online video resources' (31 August 2014) 

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto - 'The Lives of English Language Teachers', (19 July 2014)

Jill Hadfield - 'Motivation, Imagination and L2 Identity' (31 May 2014)

Sugata Mitra - ' Questions and answers with Sugata Mitra' (19 April 2014)

Penny Ur -  ‘Using higher order thinking skills’ (22 June 2013)



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 YouTube-logo-full color You can also find the following recordings on the IATEFL YouTube channel, IATEFLtalks

Fiona Dunlop - 'Accessing CPD' (30 November 2014)

Susan Hillyard - 'Challenging ELT: Challenging Methodology to Reach Challenging English Language Learners' (27 September 2014)

Lindsay Clandfield - 'What's hot, and what's not in coursebooks?' (21 June 2014)

Professor Ron Carter - 'Internet English: the changing English language and its implications for teaching' (26 April 2014) 

Felicity O'Dell - 'Onesies and selfies: keeping up-to-date with new English words and expressions' (22 March 2014)

Mike McCarthy - 'Spoken Fluency Revisited' (22 February 2014) The link to Mike McCarthy's article published in the English Profile Journal can be found here

Tessa Woodward - ‘Enjoying personal and professional creativity’ (31 January 2014)

Scott Thornbury - ''Fossilization: Is it terminal?' (30 November 2013)

Vicki Hollett - 'Learning to speak 'merican (19 October 2013) 

Vicki was kind enough to answer on her blog some of the questions that came in during her session. The link to these can be found here:

Adrian Underhill - 'The Jazz of Teaching and Learning' (14 September 2013)

Claudia Ferradas PhD - 'Reading across cultures: literature for intercultural awareness' (31 August 2013)

Jeremy Harmer - 'Yes, but why do we need teachers at all' (27 July 2013)

Professor David Crystal - ‘Questions about language with David Crystal’ (25 May 2013)

Professor Crystal also kindly answered questions on his blog which came in during the session. 

You can find those here:


ELT Event Calendar

If you are interested in finding out about other ELT related face to face and online events, why not visit the ELT Event Calendar? This is a website run by Tyson Seburn, joint coordinator of the TDSIG, which crowd sources professional devleopment opportunities from around the world. If you are holding an event which is not yet on the calendar, let him know via the ELT Calendar page.


In this webinar you will be able to ask Tim Parks questions, and Tim will try to answer as many of them as possible!

To start the ball rolling, the LitSIG committee has already asked Tim three questions (see below). He’ll begin by answering these… and then it’s up to you.


-      “Tim, you’ve taught English literature in Italy for twenty years and more. What special considerations does a teacher have to bear in mind when teaching the literature of a foreign country?”


-      “What about the question of whether we should start with contemporary (or near contemporary) literature, or whether we should insist on beginning with the classics?”


-      “Do you have any tips to suggest for getting young people to read in a foreign language?”


But if you already have questions (perhaps you know Tim’s work or perhaps you are intrigued by his website and FB page), you can send them before the webinar begins through our Facebook page; there’s a special message about Tim Parks’s webinar where you can write your questions. The link to our FB page is:


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