LTSIG: Artificial Intelligence: Changing the classroom landscape

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – machines designed to act “smart” – has become ubiquitous in many aspects of our daily lives. From smartphone assistants such as Siri, to spam filters in our email, to smart sensors that help us take better photos, AI is all around us. One sector where AI promises to make big changes is education; and while the human presence, be it online or face to face, of teachers is irreplaceable, experts believe there will  be many changes to learning and teaching, especially given the new parameters in which many of us are now working in due to the impact that Covid-19 has had on education.

The LTSIG would like to invite you to join us for a day focused on AI in language education. Throughout the day we will look at what AI is, what can be done now with AI and how that might be helpful whilst teaching purely online, and what the next 10 years or so look like from here. The day promises a mix of theory and practice from various industry perspectives, and of course a fantastic chance to network with like-minded individuals. As always, we will take a critical look at the technology and make informed and pedagogically sound suggestions on the way forward.

If you would like to take a glimpse of AI’s present and future don’t hesitate to join us and be a part of the discussion. Hope to see you there!

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