YLTSIG Mini Course: Maximising the benefits of projects in the Secondary ELT classroom

Join IATEFL Young Learners & Teenagers SIG Community Coordinator, Laura McWilliams for this mini course.

The mini course will run on the 19, 20 and 21 November from 10.00 – 12.00 (UK time) each day.

Teen learners tend to ‘live in the now’ - and so when we try projects in the classroom, they often focus on the tangible product – the poster, or final presentation – rather than the process of using English to create whatever it that product is.

This mini course, held in Zoom meeting, will break down projects into various stages and look at how teachers can engage their Secondary learners throughout the life of the project and get the most out of working in this way by becoming more independent and developing not just their English but also important life skills such as leadership, communication, and collaboration.

Day 1 – A project road map

After discussing the benefits and challenges of using projects with this age group, we will develop our understanding of how to break down a project into stages that all contribute to the end goal through backwards planning.

Day 2 – English everywhere

We will look at ways to embed extra English into every stage of a project, not just the final role play or written report, to significantly increase the language being used. We will also explore ways to develop, not just practice, some 21st century skills.

Day 3 – Closing the circle

The true benefit of any activity lies in the reflection stages. We will look at reflective activities learners can use during and after projects to help them consolidate their development, and then think how we can fold this learning into the next project, and the one after that, to create a virtuous circle.

Laura McWilliams is the IATEFL YLTSIG Community Coordinator and works as an Academic Manager in France, having previously worked in the United Kingdom and Egypt. She is a Cambridge Delta holder and has presented at numerous international conferences. When it comes to ELT in the Secondary classroom, she loves to incorporate drama, extensive reading, and project work, all with the aim of developing autonomous and self-directed learners who have the skills they need to succeed in more than just English.

The mini course will take place on Zoom Meeting.

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SIG Event
Young Learners & Teenagers


19/11/2021 - 10:00 until 21/11/2021 - 12:00 UK time

United Kingdom


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