ReSIG: Conceptualising practitioners’ online research in the COVID-19 era

An IATEFL Research SIG webinar presented by Dr Christina Nicole Giannikas

COVID-19 has propelled practitioners’ research to the forefront of public attention as the shift to teaching online has brought about new challenges as well as opportunities. Practitioners’ research has become more important than ever before since the likelihood that the collective knowledge of the ELT community can help advance the new norms of teaching practices in these troubled times. Nonetheless, issues such as ethical concerns, sharing findings, and data collection methods when conducting research in an e-learning context have come to the surface. In this webinar, I will offer:

  1. a rubric for considering the ethical challenges in online ELT research, in the form of an ethics toolkit,
  2. suggestions on how to best disseminate research findings so as to make an impact, and
  3. recommendations on how to use online data collection tools effectively.

The webinar will conclude with some practical ideas and considerations for online ELT research.

Christina Nicole Giannikas holds a PhD in the field of Applied Linguistics. She is an education and research consultant and  has worked w+ith publishers, Ministries of Education and educational institutions worldwide. Christina also works in Higher Education where she lectures courses in Applied Linguistics and is an experienced teacher trainer of pre-service and in-service teacher education programs in Cyprus, Greece and the UK. She specializes in the areas of early language learning, age-appropriate digital pedagogies, digital literacies, assessment, and Teacher Education. For the last four years, Christina has been serving as Chair of the EuroCALL Teacher Education SIG and recently became the EuroCALL National Contact for Greece. Keep an eye out for her upcoming new book with the title: Teaching Practices and Equitable Learning in Children’s Language Education!



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SIG Webinar


31/10/2020 - 11:00 UK time
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