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Who is who at IATEFL


Head Office

If you have a query or need some help, please contact the IATEFL team: or call +44 (0)1795 591414

Chief Executive: Jon Burton

Deputy Chief Executive: Louise Atkins

Finance Officer: Emily Gross

Conference Organiser: Alison Medland

Deputy Conference Organiser: Sarah Ward

Sponsorship and Exhibition Officer: Leanne Smith

SIGs & Publications Officer: Eleanor Baynham 

Key Administrator: Katy Suckling

Membership Officer: Natalie Chambers

Finance & General Administrator: Linda James


Patron, Trustees and Advisory Council


Professor David Crystal, OBE, FBA

Board of Trustees

President: Harry Kuchah Kuchah

Vice President: Tessa Woodward

Treasurer: Colin Mackenzie

Secretary: Ros Wright

Membership and Marketing Committee Chair: Mojca Belak

SIG Representative: Judith Mader

Associates Representative: Lou McLaughlin

Digital Committee Chair: Shaun Wilden

Trustees can also be contacted by emailing

Advisory Council

As Patron: David Crystal

As Editor of the ELTJ: Dr Alessia Cogo

Individual members: Amos Paran, Roy Cross, Catherine Walter, Johannes Wassenberg and Adrian Underhill


Executive Committees

Associates: Lou McLaughlin (Chair), Nazlı Güngör, Marta Bujakowska, Natalie Chambers

Conference: Ros Wright (Chair), Louise Atkins, Angelos Bollas, Daniel Xerri, Leanne Smith, Sarah Ward, Alison Medland, Sarah Mount and Jon Burton

Digital: Shaun Wilden (Chair), Louise Atkins, Heike Philp, Syke Annamma Kumaran, Maria-Araxi Sachpazian and Mercedes Viola

Finance: Colin Mackenzie (Chair), Emily Gross, Karsten Gramkow, Wayne Rimmer and Lizzie Wojtkowska-Wright

Membership & Marketing: Mojca Belak (Chair), Anthony Gaughan, Gerhard Erasmus and Natalie Chambers

Publications:  Harry Kuchah Kuchah (Chair), Vicky Saumell, Rakesh Bhanot, Eleanor Baynham 


Other Committee Members

Scholarship Committee: Maureen McGarvey (Chair), Amos Paran, Ben Beaumont, Adrian Tennant, Christian Ludwig, Sarah Ward

Voices Editor: Tania Pattison

The Editor of Voices can also be contacted by post via Head Office, at IATEFL 2-3 The Foundry, Seager Road, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7FD, United Kingdom

Conference Selections Editor: Tania Pattison

IATEFL Representative on the ELTJ panel: Shelagh Rixon

IATEFL Representative on the ELTJ Management Board: Catherine Walter


Committee Members can also be contacted by emailing and your email will be passed to the relevant person.


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

In a large organisation like IATEFL, people are always on the move and contact details can rapidly become out of date. Please see the individual SIG committees below or email if you have any difficulties.


Business English Special Interest Group (BE)

Coordinator: Evan Frendo and Dana Poklepovic

Administration & Sponsorship Coordinator: Maria Szugfil

Event Coordinator: Andreea Katia Nechifor

Newsletter Editor: Claire Hart (guest edtor)

Treasurer: Steve Miller

Website Coordinator & joint BESIG Online Team Coordinator:Rob Howard and Oksana Hera

BESIG Online Team: Grace Alchini, Kirsten Wäachter, Mercedes Viola, Sue Annan, Pete Rutherford

BESIG Editorial Team: Roy Bicknell (Editor-in-chief) and Lynn Nikkanen


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English for Speakers of Other Languages Special Interest Group (ES(O)L) 

Coordinator: Lesley Painter-Farrell

Newsletter Editors: Oya Karabetca, Mike Chick and Caroline Okerika

Reviews Editor: Lesley Painter-Farrell

Social media manager: Roshii Jolly

Web Site Coordinator: Pauline Blake-Johnston

Committee Members: Janet Golding


Visit the SIG website


English for Specific Purposes Special Interest Group (ESP)

Coordinator: Aysen Guven and Caroline Hyde-Simon

Joint Events and Webinar Coordinators Semih Irfaner and Agnieszka Dudzik

Journal Editor-in-Chief: Mark Krzanowski

Web Manager: Semih Irfaner

Public Relations and Scholarship Manager: Albena Stefanova


> Vist the SIG website


Global Issues Special Interest Group (GI)

Coordinator: Varinder Unlu

Discussion List Moderator: Iqbal Dhudhra

Discussion List Animator: Bill Templer

Event Organisers: Leonor Marin and Julie Pratten

Publications Coordinator: Linda Ruas and Rose Aylett (co-opted)

Issues month coordinator: Dragana Stegic

Newsletter Editor: Stella Smyth

Membership and Social Networks: Vacancy

Social Media Coordinator: Gergö Fekete

Materials & Publications coordinator: vacancy

Webmaster: László Hajba

Advisory Committee: Dennis Newson, Wolfgang Ridder and Margit Szesztay


> Vist the SIG website


Inclusive Practices and Special Education Needs Special Interest Group (IPSEN)

Coordinator: Anne Margaret Smith

Secretary: Rom Neves

Treasurer: Jana Jilkova

Events Coordinator: Anette Igel 

Newsletter Editor: Anna Pires

Web Manager: Parisa Mehran

Social Media Coordinator: Rachael Harris

Committee member without portfolio: Giovanni Licata



> Visit the SIG website


Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group (LA)

Joint Coordinators & PCE organisers: Christian Ludwig and Lawrie Moore-Walter

Treasurer: Fumiko Murase

PCE Organiser & Marketing Officer: Leni Dam 

LASIG Showcase organiser: Lienhard Legenhausen

LASIG Showcase and Local Events Organiser: Anja Burkert

Local Events Organiser: Katja Heim 

Webinar Organiser: Giovanna Tassinari

Publications Officer: Jo Mynard

Membership Officer and Blog Editor: Micol Beseghi

LASIG Showcase Organiser and Blog Editor: Sandro Amendolara

Social Media Manager and Newsletter Editor: Djalal Tebib

Reviews and Reflections Editor: Diane Malcolm

Newsletter Editors: Michelle Tamala, Linda Ghout-Khenoune and Gamze Sayram (co-opted)


> Visit the SIG website


Leadership and Management Special Interest Group (LAM)

Coordinator: Andy Hockley

Newsletter Editor: Loraine Kennedy and George Pickering

Secretary and Webinar Cooridnator: Jenny Johnson

Social Media Coordinator: Marina Gonzalez

Online presence and design: Melanie Straub

Website coordinator: Andy Hockley

Committee members: Liam Brown, Josh Round, Gerhard Erasmus and Evrim Üstünlüoğlu


> Visit the SIG website


Literature Special Interest Group (Lit)

Coordinator: Rob Hill

Treasurer: Amos Paran

Newsletter Editor & Academic Journal Editor: Chris Klein-Wolf

Advisory Board Member & Academic Journal Co-Editor: Carel Burghout

Events Coordinator: Eveline Reichel

Social Media Coordinator: Christien van Gool

Web Coordinator: Malu Sciamarelli

Advisory Board Member: Alan Pulverness


> Visit the SIG website


Learning Technologies Special Interest Group (LT)

Coordinator: Sophia Mavridi 

Treasurer: Vicky Saumell

Newsletter Editor: Graham Stanley

Social Media Manager: Raquel Ribeiro

Events Organiser: Nikola Fortova

Online Events Organiser: Heike Philp

Development Administrator: vacancy

Website Editor: Phil Longwell


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Materials Writing Special Interest Group (MaW)

Coordinator: Aleksandra Popovski

Events Coordinators: Clare Maas, Katherine Bilsborough and Fiona Mauchline

Publications Coordinator: James Styring

Deputy Publications Coordinator: Penny Hands

Technology and Social Media Coordinator: Jennifer Dobson

Website Manager: Nicholas Tims


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Pronunciation Special Interest Group (Pron)

Coordinator: Catarina Pontes 

Facebook and webinar Coordinator: vacancy

Events Organiser: vacancy

Webmaster: Alex Selman

Finance OfficerPiers Messum

Journal Editor: Gemma Archer

Members-at-large: Jonathan Marks, Jane Setter, Robin Walker and Wayne Rimmer


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Research Special Interest Group (Re)

Joint Coordinators: Kenan Dikilitas and Ana Inés Salvi

Treasurer: vacancy

Events Coordinator: Barbara Roosken

Joint Outreach Coordinators: Elena Oncevska Ager and Loreto Aliaga Salas 

Newsletter Co-editors: Dario Banegas (co-opted), Amol Padwad (co-opted) and Emily Edwards (co-opted)

Online Discussion Board Moderator: Chris Banister 

Membership and Scholarships Coordinator: Larysa Sanotska

Membership Coordinator: Robert Cooper 

Web and Digital Media Manager: Ernesto Vargas Gil 

Publications Officer: Mark Wyatt

PCE Organiser: Yasmin Dar

Advisory member: Sian Etherington


> Visit the SIG website


Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TD)

Coordinator: Tyson Seburn

Publications & #tdsiglive: Fiona Mauchline

Publications and website: Adam Simpson

Publications & scholarships / ECT: Chris Farrell

Publications & #tdsiglive: Cecilia Lemos

Publications: Serkan Aras

Website & Social Media: Michael Harrison

Developod: Christian Tiplady

Social media & Developod: James Taylor

Social Media & scholarships / ECT: Cecilia Nobre

Developod & scholarships / ECT: Tania Iveson


> Visit the SIG website


Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Special Interest Group (TEA)

Joint Coordinators: Ceyda Mutlu and Mehvar Ergun Turkkan

Events Coordinator: Mehtap Ince

Newsletter Editors: Maggi Lussi Bell 

Social Media Manager: Saeede Haghi

Webmaster: Thom Kiddle

Webinar Team: Neil Bullock and Sharon Hartle

Member without portfolio: Dave Allan 


> Visit the SIG website


Teacher Training and Education Special Interest Group (TTEd)

Coordinator (acting): Burcu Tezcan-Unal

Newsletter Editor: Jennifer Book

Publicity and membership managers: Matt Ellman and Bahar Gun

Webmaster: Kalyan Chattopadhyay

Events officer: Prof. Birsen Tutunis 

Webinar Manager: Lucy Pereira

Discussion list moderator: Ozlem Zengin

Treasurer: Adam Bandstra

> Visit the SIG website


Young Learners and Teenagers Special Interest Group (YLT)

CoordinatorDavid Valente

Publications Editor: Amanda Davies and Joan Kang Shin

Public Relations Coordinator: Bruno Andrade

Events CoordinatorLeticia Moraes

Business Development Coordinator: Simon Pounder

Digital Coordinator: Sinem Daridere

Social Media Coordinator: Vacancy


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