Understanding the guidelines

Careful reading is the key.  Every year the sponsors of our scholarships set different parameters for their awards so please check the following points in the description of each scholarship before applying.

‘The scholarship consists of’ – this section tells you what you could win. Some scholarships are very generous and cover all the costs of attending a conference. Other scholarships are more modest and would help you with your costs but you would need to have some further funding of your own to be able to afford to come. Scholarship awards are as stated on the website and cannot be increased.

‘To qualify you must’ – these are the rules for a particular scholarship and if you don’t meet the requirements your application will not be considered. Examples of rules are ‘you must be a newcomer with between three and ten years’ experience in ELT’, ‘you must be a native of and normally resident in an African country’, ‘you must be an individual member of IATEFL’. Each scholarship has different requirements, so please read carefully.

‘To be considered, you must submit’ – this section lists what you must complete electronically by the application deadline. You should use the online application only, we cannot accept applications sent by any other means.

If you have further queries, please contact IATEFL Head Office.