Tuesday 21 April - Sustainability panel discussion

The Times they are a Changin’: our environment, sustainability & ELT

‘Environmental Sustainability’ is a term we hear often, but what does it actually mean in the context of ELT? And why does it matter? Does it mean the same to everyone globally or does context play a part in our understanding of it? How does the context in which we live and work effect our interaction with notions of environmental impact and sustainability?

In this panel discussion, panelists based in Ecuador, Algeria and Kenya will talk about their own understanding within their very different contexts, and we will attempt to unpack what we mean by ‘environmental sustainability’. We will look at the very different contexts in which they work and how they have embedded environmental responsibility within their working practices.

The discussion will examine how we, as teachers, engage with our students and the wider community? What role do publishers play in this engagement? How can we put learning into practice? Ultimately – what is our role as a language teacher in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (UN)?

This will be a lively, interactive discussion and we invite delegates to come and both share their own experiences and contribute to what promises to be a lively discussion.


Katy Cory-Wright is an international ELT (English Language Teaching) consultant and award-winning author, based in Quito, Ecuador. She has 30 years' experience in teaching, teacher training and writing ELT materials. Her publications include more than 25 course books. Over the past 25 years Kate has delivered over 500 ELT academic seminars, workshops and short courses, in regions as diverse as Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia. Kate's also a keen environmentalist. In her free time, she runs a reforestation and land regeneration project in the Andes.

Geoffrey Maroko holds a PhD in applied linguistics from Kenyatta University. He is an associate professor of English and Linguistics and is currently the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Machakos University, Kenya. His teaching and research interests include linguistic field methods; language planning and management; language and healthcare; and language and culture. He is currently leading a three-year research project funded by the National Research Fund (NRF) entitled: A Situational Analysis of Intervention Measures in the Management of HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Kisii County. He has published in such areas as language teaching and testing; English for academic and research settings; language and culture;  Phonology; communication in healthcare situations; language management, and HIV/AIDS.

Owain Llewellyn is a passionate environmentalist and language teaching professional. As a student he took part in direct action to prevent oil companies drilling in the bay next to his home. As a language teacher he saw a new opportunity to raise awareness of environmental issues and bring the dialogue about sustainability into the classroom. Since 2012 he has been publishing eltsustainable.com, giving teachers the world over the opportunity to reach thousands of learners with his engaging environment-themed lessons. He has taught English, trained teachers and been an academic manager on 3 continents. He works in British Council Algeria as adult programmes manager. His professional interests are EdTech integration and global citizenship and is now completing his MA with a focus on EdTech and materials development. Now he works with teachers everywhere in bringing the dialogue around the environment into their class with the online course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’.

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