Stepping outside our comfort zone

Organised by the Business English SIG


Business English is often described as an “umbrella term” that covers a wide range of communication skills, teaching contexts and disciplines. Learners’ needs often differ widely, as do the approaches used by teachers and trainers, who may come from very diverse backgrounds and have different levels of experience. This means that as business English trainers we are often confronted with the requirement to step outside our own comfort zones and develop new training activities in order to meet our learners’ or our clients’ specific needs. These activities will typically range from task-based approaches, which focus on simulating real world business communication, to more language-based approaches which focus on areas like context-specific lexis or pronunciation.

This pre-conference event aims at bringing together business English professionals who are interested in exploring a wide range of business English training activities.

The day will begin with three sessions led by experienced practitioners who will explore advantages and disadvantages of various approaches and different types of business English training activities. After a lunch break, attendees will take part in a swap shop where they will have the opportunity to share ideas which they have developed themselves. The swap shop will be split across different tables, with each table focussing on a specific theme - needs analysis activities, vocabulary and lexis building, intercultural perspectives, business English as a lingua franca (BELF), replicating the "real-world" of business English, soft skills, online resources and promoting learner autonomy.

If you are looking to network with other business English practitioners, share ideas about training activities, and find inspiration, this PCE is for you.

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