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Join one of our “How to…” sessions and learn more about IATEFL and the Conference:

Day 1 - Tuesday 18 April
How to give a presentation at an international conference - Sandy Millin

Giving a presentation can be a stressful experience. This session will give you ways of organising yourself before your presentation and conducting yourself during your presentation to reduce that stress. The aim of the session is to make your presentation a more satisfying experience for you and for your participants.

Day 2 - Wednesday 18 May
How to reflect on research talks at the conference - Ernesto Vargas Gil

In this session, we will explore how to make the most of the talks and presentations we attend during the conference. In particular, we will focus on how to reflect on the research we hear about and consider its relevance for and connections to our own professional contexts.

Day 3 - Thursday 20 April
How to write successfully for IATEFL Conference Selections - Deborah Bullock

Are you presenting at IATEFL? If so, you may write up your session for consideration for IATEFL’s annual Conference Selections publication. The editor will provide guidance by discussing some of the characteristics of a successful paper and some of the reasons for non-acceptance. There will also be time for questions.
How to submit a speaker proposal - Madeleine du Vivier
In this session, we will review the criteria that are used to decide if a conference proposal is accepted for the IATEFL Annual Conference programme. We will discuss what makes a successful proposal, both in terms of the abstract and the summary, and how to ensure that your proposal is accepted.


Get moving before the conference day and spend some time exercising in whatever way suits you the best. Here are some ideas to get your inspired:


Start each morning by discovering some theory and practices of Mindfulness.  This year’s instructor, Adele Winkley, will be encouraging us to explore Mindfulness in a variety of ways including: sensing the physical body and the energetic body, awareness of our environment, how it is easy to get distracted and bringing it all together, mindfully. Visit our Mindfulness page to find out more about these session and how IATEFL head office have been exploring their own ways to practise Mindfulness.