Sharing languages: celebrating children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism in ELT

Organised by the Young Learners & Teenagers SIG

The IATEFL 2021 Young Learners and Teenagers SIG Pre-Conference Event will explore children’s and teenagers’ multilingualism in ELT from a variety of sociolinguistic, cognitive and affective perspectives. The day-long event will unpack ways children and teenagers develop and manage their multiple languages, consider the benefits of multilingualism for ELT and identify classroom strategies to value children’s and teenagers’ linguistic repertoires. The 2021 PCE aims to help YL ELT professionals to move from a ‘monolingual’ to a ‘multilingual’ mindset by being inclusive of linguistic diversity in the YL classroom and ultimately, by celebrating the rich skills of multilingual children and teenagers.

We are thrilled to confirm the inspiring line up of speakers:

  • Nayr Ibrahim’s opening plenary will set the scene by outlining key current issues in multilingualism in YL ELT
  • Lijuan Shi’s keynote talk will share classroom-based examples of translanguaging in early years settings
  • Hamish Chalmers’ keynote talk will explore ways children can create linguistic landscapes at primary school, particularly those learning in multilingual environments
  • Constant Leung’s keynote talk will demonstrate how teenagers' languages are included (as well as to what extent) in order to access the curriculum in English as Additional Language (EAL) contexts
  • Leketi Makalela’s closing plenary will provide delegates with a fascinating focus on translanguaging via a holistic lens to foster connection and solidarity (including the powerful concept of ‘ubuntu’)

Following the three keynote talks, we will have an open space format to provide an interactive opportunity for delegates to explore and reflect on the PCE contents in relation to their own YL ELT contexts.

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