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2015 IATEFL Projects Award

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2015 Winner Cameroon English Language Teaching Association (CAMELTA)

 “Training of young teachers for leadership in ELT”

An IATEFL Projects Award was granted to CAMELTA in 2015 to fund the development of training materials for a workshop aimed at developing the leadership skills of teachers in ELT. Six training modules were produced to form the basis for a three day workshop which could be rolled out across Cameroon.



The 6 training modules covered:

• The concept of leadership

• Leadership qualities

• Leadership in ELT

• Leadership challenges in ELT

• Paths to leadership in ELT

• Essential terminologies in ELT


The objectives of the training were three-fold:

• To equip trainers with the key notions on leadership and how to apply them to leadership in ELT

• Enable beginner teachers (trainees) to acquire knowledge and competence in leadership and motivate them to be future leaders in ELT.

• To produce a context relevant ELT leadership manual based on general theoretical leadership theories


“We wish to thank IATEFL for giving us the opportunity to experience this thrilling exercise.  In the first instance, there is not much documentation on leadership in ELT; so producing this training manual was a real challenge yet enriching. Secondly, the experience has been one great continuing professional development activity for both the ‘experienced’ teacher trainers and the ‘less experienced’ teacher trainees. Leadership, of course, cannot be equated solely to experience but more on those potentials that need to be unlocked or cultivated both in the young and old.”

Gladys Focho (Trainer) 

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