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Use of IATEFL Logo

Use of our logo is restricted to the IATEFL website, SIG websites and official publications, stationery and communications from IATEFL itself.

The IATEFL logo and "linking, developing and supporting English Language Teaching professionals throughout the world" word marks are forms over which we exert prior usage claim. Other product and company names featuring on the Web Site may be the trademarks of - or subject to prior usage by - their respective owners.

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IATEFL Associates

IATEFL has a number of associates worldwide which have agreements with IATEFL covering international cooperation and the support of teachers in countries specific to each affiliate. Use of the IATEFL logo by associates should be accompanied by a short text such as 'an associate of IATEFL' or similar. It should be noted that the use of our logo on any associate site is not an endorsement of the content of that site, any officers of the associate or any actions or transactions carried out by that associate, but rather a reflection of the working relationship between the two organisations. Any communication related to the associate website or the associate organisation itself should be directed to the associate in question, and the main IATEFL office.

The appearance of the IATEFL name, acronym or logo on any organisation's website (including IATEFL associates and partner associations) - either with or without permission - does not imply the endorsement of that organisation's work, products or services.  We have a full list of our institutional members available on our website but IATEFL does not act as an accreditation body for organisations offering language or teacher training courses, or teacher development services of any kind.