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February 2019

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Welcome to this new design of our eBulletin. We hope you like the new look.

We are now less than two months away from our Annual Conference and Pre-Conference Events (PCEs) in Liverpool and, as you can imagine, our volunteers and Head Office staff are working hard to ensure that Liverpool is a memorable conference.

This month we bring you the latest updates about PCEs and showcase events in Liverpool. But that’s not all! You will also find news of other events coming up between now and the Liverpool conference and even beyond. These include online discussions, webinars, web carnivals, blog posts and other publications from 15 of our 16 SIGs.

We hope you find something that responds to your professional interest in this edition of the eBulletin. Happy reading!

With best wishes from all of us at PubsCom,

Harry Kuchah Kuchah, IATEFL President, Chair Publications Committee

From Head Office


Online booking for #iatefl2019 will close at 16.00 GMT on Tuesday 19 March. Go to this conference page to book your place today!

To help you plan your time at the conference, the free Conference App and the Conference Programme will both be available from the conference website in early March. Keep an eye on the website and our social media for all the latest information.

Careers Fair

The new look IATEFL Careers Fair for Liverpool 2019 will be a dedicated hub for professional growth and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to supporting our members in their professional development.

Located within the Exhibition, there will be top international recruiters on hand to discuss new vacancies available in ELT, as well as course providers who will be happy to talk through the next steps in terms of ELT qualifications.

The popular CV Clinic, hosted by Write Stuff consultants, will be returning and there will also be the opportunity to hear from industry experts in our career-focused ‘How To…’ sessions, as well as chat one-to-one with experienced professionals about a range of ELT career areas.

IATEFL Liverpool Strategic Partner & Sponsors

IATEFL would like to extend a big thank you to our Strategic Partner and Sponsors supporting #iatefl2019!

It is with their help that we are able to bring you such an exciting and jam-packed conference! You can find out more about each of our supporters via the IATEFL Conference Website.


 From the SIGs 

From the Teacher Training and Education SIG

9 March 2019: TTEd Webinar

Marisa Constantinides will be presenting our next webinar titled ‘CPD for new teacher trainers’ on Saturday 9 March at 14.00 GMT. Marisa says: ‘From teacher to teacher educator is a career move that many teachers find themselves contemplating and/or pursuing, some as a natural next step to their ELT career and some as a result of relevant studies at postgraduate level. Once ‘in the field’ though, there is little there to help the new/novice trainer with their continuous professional development. In this talk, I hope to share some ideas and available resources to help new trainers who may feel isolated and lack opportunities for further development in their local context.’ For more details, click here.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

We start with Ben Knight, Director of ELT Research at Cambridge University Press, who will introduce a practical framework to support teaching practice and learner evaluation in the context of soft skills. Gordon Lewis, from Laureate Network Universities, will be discussing employers' dissatisfaction around graduates' language competence despite the efforts of education systems around the world. And in our third session, ‘Employability: Supporting trainers in soft skills development’, Ros Wright will focus on tangible lack of soft skills in workplaces and will provide trainers with tips and hints to support teachers and learners.

Places are limited so make sure that you go to this conference page and sign up soon.

Are you following us yet?

We now have new-look Facebook and Twitter pages to celebrate our recent facelift. Follow us and join the conversations to keep up with all things TTEd-related.

Burcu Tezcan Unal, TTEdSIG Coordinator


From the Pronunciation SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

The theme of our pre-conference event is ‘Pronunciation teaching: a kaleidoscope of perspectives’. Pronunciation teaching can certainly have a more active role in classrooms across the globe. From helping learners to sound more intelligible, to helping them to better understand spoken – and written – communication, resorting to a wider range of strategies and teaching techniques can enhance the quality of lessons and contribute to helping learners to communicate more effectively in English in a greater range of contexts.

In this pre-conference event, we will look at how skills and systems can walk hand-in-hand with pronunciation work, bringing more relevance and applicability to the work done in class. We will also discuss how learners can transfer the strategies learned in class to real-life contexts outside of the classroom, aiming at maximizing their learning opportunities. Speakers include Robin Walker, Olya Sergeeva and Beata Walesiak. For more details, click here.

Catarina Pontes, PronSIG Coordinator

From the Research SIG

Online Discussion: Professional development / practitioner research

Assia Slimani-Rolls and Richard Kiely will moderate an online discussion on professional development and practitioner research in February 2019. For more information you can visit this website.

30 March 2019: Exploring Spontaneity in Oxford

The IATEFL Research SIG & Creativity Group are hosting a joint event on Saturday 30 March 2019 (9.30 - 16.30) at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, UK. The activities of the day will start from participant experience of spontaneity, through recall, reflection on prior critical incidents, and activities evoking relevant spontaneity, and its observation during the day. At the same time different inquiry tools will be explored for capturing such experience. We aim to develop a discourse of spontaneity in ELT and a methodology for researching it.
Fee: £100 (£80 for ReSIG and C group members) including lunch and tea/coffee. For online registration please go to this IATEFL webpage.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

The ReSIG pre-conference event, which has as its theme ‘Communicating and learning from research’, will take place on 1April 2019 in Liverpool, UK. There will be plenary talks by Anne Burns and Richard Smith, poster presentations by students, teachers and academics involved in research, and a final wrap-up of the day led by David Nunan. For more information about this event please visit this webpage.

4 April 2019: ReSIG Showcase

The ReSIG Showcase at the IATEFL conference will take place on 4April in Liverpool. It will feature relevant talks on research in ELT and an Open Forum for anyone who is interested in learning more about our SIG. For more information you can visit this website.

26-27 April 2019: ELT research in action

ReSIG is supporting the ELTRIA (ELT Research In Action) conference, which this year will take place on 26 – 27April at the University of Barcelona, in Spain. This two-day event aims to demystify research and encourage teachers to read, engage with, and participate in relevant studies with clear practical grounding in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice. For more information please go to this webpage.

Latest ReSIG publication

ReSIG supported the publication of Stories by Teacher Researchers in an Online Research Community, edited by Aslı Lidice Goktürk Sağlam and Kenan Dikilitaş.

You can find this publication here.

Ana Ines Salvi and Kenan Dikilitas, Joint ReSIG Coordinators



From the Testing Evaluation and Assessment SIG

Best of TEASIG Vol. 1

Best of TEASIG Vol. 1 is coming out soon. It is going to be quite substantial, so make sure to keep an eye on our website, social media accounts and also the emails that we send.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

The theme of TEASIG’s pre-conference event in Liverpool is ‘Authenticity in assessment of productive skills’. In this 2-part event (presentations followed by workshops), our experts will be addressing such questions as what authenticity is and why it is important in test task design; how we match the skills from authentic communication with test constructs, and whether authenticity is directly linked to test usefulness and washback.

Our pre-conference event aims to aid and assist teachers source and prepare their students for learning speaking and writing language in real-world communication. We will demonstrate how to integrate authenticity into both classroom assessment and larger scale test development in order to bridge the gap between what students learn and what they will use in their target language use domain – the real world.

Speakers include John Pill, Sian Morgan and Andrew Kitney, and Dana Gablasova. For full details on event and speakers see here and to register for the event see here.

4 April 2019: TEASIG Showcase

Join us on Thursday 4 April at the IATEFL Annual Conference in Liverpool for a full day of talks that will focus on assessment in language teaching and learning. At the end of the day, we will have our Open Forum, where we will introduce ourselves and briefly talk about what TEASIG is and what we do. We will also have discussions on current and emerging testing issues over some food and beverages.

Follow us on social media

Our webinars started as of February 2019. We will have more webinars in the upcoming months, so for announcements of our events, follow us on our social media accounts:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Ceyda Mutlu and Neil Bullock Joint TEASIG Coordinators

From the Literature SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Another reminder that our pre-conference event at Liverpool next year will be a joint event with MaWSIG, the IATEFL Materials Writing Special Interest Group.

The event is a fantastic opportunity to share expertise and experience in incorporating literary and visual materials into classroom as well as published materials.

David Crystal is giving the opening plenary, in which he argues for the integration of the study of language and the study of literature, by focusing on the notion of linguistic creativity which underlies both.

Here’s a taste of the other sessions we’ll be holding throughout the day:

  • Chris Klein Wolf and Edward Wolf will look at choosing Shakespearean extracts and designing materials around them.
  • Cheryl Palin will explore the advice of great writers on their craft, highlighting ways in which we might seek inspiration and nurture creativity, choose content and discover our niche, and develop the habits of our literary heroes.
  • Alan Pulverness will discuss the British Council’s BritLit project, suggesting approaches for writing materials for bringing literature into the EFL classroom and sharing some of the work produced by the teachers inspired by BritLit.
  • Hania Bociek will highlight how learner interaction with paintings can inspire the materials created for/used in your classroom, in both a f2f and digital/virtual environment.
  • Walton Burns and Alice Savage will talk about teaching communication skills with theatre and video scripts.
  • Helen Holwill and Nicola Prentis will explore how to write graded readers, as well as how readers are selected and produced by publishers.

3 April 2019: LitSIG Showcase

On Wednesday 3 April we have the LitSIG Showcase, opening with Andrew Wright’s workshop on stories and poems. After lunch, Robert Hill and Annett Kaminski will give talks on traditional stories. The final sessions focus on music in ELT: John Gardyne will talk about using Gilbert and Sullivan and Chris Walklett will give a workshop on the songs of the Beatles – well, we are in Liverpool after all. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Rob Hill, LitSIG Coordinator

From the Inclusive Practices & SEN SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

The theme of the pre-conference event is: ‘Home’: Reaching Out to Creativity’. There are three interactive sessions in our event, which all take a creative art form as a starting point and explore its application in the ELT classroom, considering how it can enhance inclusivity. We’ll be looking at ways of using music, drama and storytelling in the language classroom, taking ‘home’ as the central topic of the day. This is a topic which all learners can relate to, but also have very different views of. We will explore how we can embrace this range of experience in the three workshops, and then they will be brought together in a performance including all the participants. The day will also include time for the participants to talk about their own practice and share their experiences.

For more information and booking, click here.

2-4 April 2019: IPSEN SIG hub at the exhibition  

Got some questions about our SIG, or about inclusion or SEN? Come and find us on stall 3 in the exhibition hall (the ELT well stall). Enter our SIG quiz, win prizes, ask your inclusion-related questions or join in with the musical activities going on there. You can also find out more about our mentor scheme here.

3 April 2019: IPSEN SIG Showcase

We will be in Room 11b for most of the day with a great line-up of speakers: Tyson Seburn, Jade Matos Carew, Ross Thorburn, Ellen Darling, and Efi Tzouri will all be considering different aspects of inclusive practice. Do join us there.

From 14.15-15.30 we will be in Room 14, for our Open Forum, where we will have a round-up of the year’s news and talk about our future plans, including committee elections.

IPSEN SIG is now 3 years old, and so it is time for the acting committee to step down, to allow for fresh elections to all the committee posts: Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Events coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Web Manager, and other roles in the publications and communications teams. An email to members along with role descriptions and the call for nominations form will be sent to all IPSEN SIG members soon. The elections will be held (online) after the Liverpool conference but our SIG Showcase will be a great opportunity for us to meet and answer any questions you may have about IPSEN SIG or volunteering with IATEFL.

IPSEN SIG Newsletter

The next edition is almost ready to go to press. If you have any last-minute contributions, please let us have them as soon as possible. Short articles, reports of conferences, reviews of materials and ideas for inclusive classroom practice are always welcome. Send your texts to us here.

Varinder Unlu, IPSEN SIG Coordinator



From the Business English SIG

Would you like to be part of our teams?

BESIG is looking for volunteers who would like to form part of the Events and Administration & Sponsorship teams. If you are interested, please contact us here.

3 March 2019: BESIG webinar

BESIG will be hosting a webinar ‘The synthetic vs. analytic syllabus dichotomy in business language coaching online’ with Rob Szabó on 3 March at 15.00 GMT. For more information about the event and the speaker, go to our online events page.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

BESIG will be running a joint pre-conference event with the Teacher Training and Education SIG. The theme is Training (business) English teachers to prepare learners for modern workplaces: Integration of soft skills. More details are available on the conference website.

2 April 2019: BESIG Showcase

Join us on Tuesday 2 April at the IATEFL Annual Conference in Liverpool for a full day of talks with a business English focus. The day will end with our Open Forum, where you can find out more about the work of BESIG and the benefits of being a member. Further details of the Showcase talks will be available soon.

11 May 2019: IATEFL Poland, Krakow

BESIG will be supporting IATEFL Poland in holding their second one-day business English event, in Krakow on Saturday 11 May. Further details are available on the BESIG website.

IATEFL BESIG 3rd Online Symposium

IATEFL BESIG Online Team is currently preparing for the summer symposium in June 2019. If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with us here.

BESIG on social media

To stay up-to-date with our regular news and updates, follow IATEFL BESIG official accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Dana Poklepovic and Evan Frendo, Joint BESIG Coordinators

From the Materials Writing SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Our pre-conference event at Liverpool this year is a joint event with LitSIG, the IATEFL Literature Special Interest Group. The pre-conference event looks set to be a record-breaker, with 84 tickets sold to date: hurry and grab yours while stocks last. You can still buy them on the IATEFL website. This year’s pre-conference event is a fantastic opportunity to share expertise and experience in incorporating literary, visual or musical materials into classroom as well as into published materials.

On the roster, we have David Crystal giving the opening plenary ‘Language BLANK Literature: from Conjunction to Preposition’ in which he argues for the integration of the study of language and the study of literature, by focusing on the notion of linguistic creativity which underlies both. Chris and Eduardo Klein Wolf are looking at choosing Shakespearean extracts and designing materials around them. Cheryl Palin explores the advice of great writers on their craft, highlighting ways that we might seek inspiration and nurture creativity, choose content and discover our niche, and develop the habits of our literary heroes. Alan Pulverness discusses the British Council’s BritLit project, suggesting approaches for writing materials for bringing literature into the EFL classroom and sharing some of the work produced by the teachers inspired by BritLit. Hania Bociek highlights how learner interaction with paintings can inspire the materials created for/used in your classroom, in both a f2f and digital/virtual environment. Walton Burns and Alice Savage talk about teaching communication skills with theatre and video scripts. And we round off the day with Helen Holwill and Nicola Prentis exploring how to write graded readers, as well as how readers are selected and produced by publishers.

Look out for blogs by the speakers giving a taste of their talks on the MaWSIG website here.

MaWSIG What about ...? webinar series

We’ve just come to the end of MaWSIG’s monthly webinar series, the What about ...? webinars. Each webinar was led by an expert or experts in specific aspects of materials writing. In September 2018, Brian Tomlinson gave the first webinar entitled ‘What about principles for materials development?’ and in October, Vicky Saumell asked, ‘What about writing digital materials?’ In November, Henning Rossa and Karoline Wirbatz gave a webinar called ‘What about writing CLIL materials?’ We ended the year with Catherine Walter asking ‘What about writing grammar activities?’ In January, Elaine Hodgson asked ‘What about writing teachers’ guides?’ and in February, Leo Selivan concluded the series with his session, ‘What about writing vocabulary activities?’ Recordings of the webinars, as well as blogs featuring responses to unanswered questions from the webinars, can be viewed on the MaWSIG website here. We are keen to tailor future webinars to your interests and needs. If you attended any of the webinars, please take a moment to give us your feedback here.

Aleksandra Popovski, MaWSIG Coordinator

From the Learning Technologies SIG

IATEFL LTSIG strand at IH Barcelona

The IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG strand took place at the International House Barcelona ELT Conference on 8-9 February 2019 and was a huge success. Our expert line up included Nicky Hockly, Pete Sharma, Paul Sweeney, Christina Giannikas, and Sophia Mavridi,  who addressed key issues in the field of Learning Technologies and their workshops were very well received. Write-ups and reviews of the workshops can be found in the LT newsletter and on the LTSIG website.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

The IATEFL LTSIG is ready to host a fruitful and insightful pre-conference event at IATEFL 2019. Please note that the event is offsite at The Racquet Club Hotel, 5 Chapel Street, Liverpool, L3 9AG.  The day will run from 10.00 to 17.00. Badges must be collected from the ACC before you join us for the pre-conference event. Please find more information about our pre-conference event here and be sure to register to ensure your place.

Upcoming LTSIG Publication

The IATEFL LTSIG is happy to announce that its 2019 edited volume is well underway. The editors, Christina Giannikas and Sophia Mavridi, together with the authors (announced soon), are working hard to deliver an interesting and insightful book for LTSIG members. The authors are currently working on the final drafts of their chapters.

Join us on LinkedIn

The IATEFL LTSIG is now on LinkedIn and invites members and non-members to follow us. Our professional profile is constantly updated and the aim is to keep Learning Technologies enthusiasts informed about our productivity.

Write for us

Remember we are always looking for good content, so do find some time to write for us. Please, contact our Newsletter Editor, Graham Stanley and/or our Webmaster, Phil Longwell with your articles, videos, blogs and ideas on the use of technology in language learning.

Join our Social Media Groups and Pages

Our Facebook Page for announcements and news

Our Facebook Group for discussions and postings by members

Our Twitter timeline for conversations during events and throughout the year

Our Instagram account for pictures and updates

Our LinkedIn Profile for our professional productivity

Sophia Mavridi, LTSIG Coordinator


From the Learner Autonomy SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Our pre-conference event in Liverpool is entitled ‘Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy’. The focus is motivated by the very fact that the implementation of basic principles of autonomous language learning by practising educators leaves much to be desired. So the crucial question of the pre-conference event is: How can educators best be encouraged and supported? Apart from two plenary talks (Ema Ushioda: ‘Motivational perspectives when developing language learner autonomy’ and Giovanna Tassinari: ‘Opening spaces for learning: language advising for autonomy’) the day will include a workshop run by Jo Mynard and Scott J. Shelton Strong on ‘Affective, cognitive, metacognitive, and practical tools for teachers in promoting learner autonomy’ as well as interactive poster sessions. To register for this event, go to the IATEFL conference page.

LASIG E-Book Series

LASIG has been publishing ebooks for some time now, but you may not realise that many of our titles are also available in print form. At the upcoming IATEFL conference you will have the chance to purchase discounted copies of the print books at LASIG Pre Conference Event and also in the Exhibition Hall, where we will have a presence at the Independent Authors & Publishers stand. For more details, see here.

Christian Ludwig, LASIG Coordinator

From the English for Speakers of Other Languages SIG

28 February 2019: ESOL SIG Webinar

On 28 February at 18.00 GMT Scott Thornbury will give a webinar entitled ‘ESL: An Ecological Process’. Please click here for more details.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Please join us on 1 April for our pre-conference event entitledMeeting challenges and exploring solutions in the ES(O)L classroom’.Our SIG consists of tutors, teachers, and academics from around the world who are passionate about all aspects of ES(O)L practice – from teaching to research to policy. The pre-conference event is a chance to meet other ES(O)L practitioners, attend interactive talks and workshops and learn about the work of IATEFL and the ES(O)L group.

Please visit our website for details about the day including the line-up of speakers and a wonderful opportunity to win a pre-conference event scholarship.

ESOL SIG Showcase

Registration for the full conference allows you to enjoy our ESOL SIG Showcase on Tuesday 2 April. During the day we will hold our Open Forum where you will be able to meet the SIG Committee and meet other members. Refreshments will be provided.

Call for contributions

Please consider submitting articles for our newsletter. If so, send it to ESOL SIG. We want to hear from you.

Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @iateflesolsig

Lesley Painter-Farrell and Oya Karabetca, Joint ESOL SIG Coordinators


From the Young Learners and Teenagers SIG

February Blog Post

Please visit our February blog post by Maria-Jesus Inostroza, who explores the power of personalised stories and storytelling in the Chilean primary ELT context. Please leave your comments directly on the blog.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Our pre-conference event at the IATEFL Conference on 1 April is themed ‘Building bridges and finding common ground in TEYLs’.

Janet Enever will open the pre-conference event with her plenary on ‘21st Century ELT for 3 – 10 year-olds’. This will be followed with a second plenary by Dave Spencer about ‘(R)EVOLUTION: New ideas seeping into Secondary Education’. We will then have four shorter YLT talks:

  • Early Years: ‘Building bridges to the primary classroom: engaging early literacy practices’ by Joan Kang Shin and Luciana Fernandez.
  • Primary: ‘Primary learning: borrowing the best from ELT and the mainstream’ byShelagh Rixon and Amanda Davies.
  • Lower Secondary: ‘Making English your own: developing ELF-aware lower secondary students’ by Dirk Lagerwaard and Bruno Andrade.
  • Upper Secondary: ‘The next step: preparing upper secondary learners for the future’ by Leticia Moraes and Simon Pounder.

After the YLT talks, delegates will participate in an open space and decide on an age range team to join according to their interests. We intend to wrap up with a workshop facilitated by Virginia Parker on ‘Tools for empowering learners and facilitating learning in TEYLs’. To find out more and register, please visit this link.

4 April 2019: YLTSIG Showcase

The line-up of the YLTSIG Showcase at the IATEFL Liverpool Conference on 4 April features a variety of YL ELT learning and teaching contexts, a focus on different learner life stages and an interactive debate. We are looking forward to welcoming our members, followers and friends in Room 12 at the ACC:

  • Simon Pounder, ‘Using debates to promote critical thinking in the secondary classroom’ (talk)
  • Matthew MacGregor-Stubbs, ‘Early years literacy assessment: learning from the literature’ (talk)
  • Angela Govender, Jenny Joshua, Abraham Enos Dhladhla, ‘The impact of a teacher development project in South Africa’ (talk)
  • Maria-Jesus Inostroza, ‘Using Chilean sign language to teach English in early years’ (talk)
  • Sandie Mourao, Gail Ellis, ‘Reflecting on pedagogical principles for English in pre-primary’ (workshop)
  • Roger Dale Jones, ‘Political issues in the EFL classroom: teacher and learner perceptions’ (talk)
  • Chris Roland, ‘Eight practical principles for managing teens’ (talk)
  • Interactive Debate: ‘This house believes we have an obligation to allow children’s own languages in English lessons’ (Open Forum), facilitated by Nayr Ibrahim

27-28 April 2019: Joint YLTSIG-TED event

We are collaborating with TED Atakent College, Turkey on a joint event to be held in Istanbul on 27 and 28 April. The theme is ‘The GIFT of creativity’ and features plenaries by Sandie Mourao and Chris Roland. To find out more and to register, please visit this website.

David Valente, YLTSIG Coordinator

From the English for Specific Purposes SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Our pre-conference event is getting closer…have you booked your ticket yet? If not, you still have time. Please click here.

We are thrilled to now be able to share our pre-conference event programme on the theme of ‘Quality Assurance in ESP and EAP: academic and occupational perspectives’. Starting at 10.00 with our opening and welcome from the committee, we then have an exciting mix of plenaries, talks and workshops to get you thinking and exchanging ideas throughout the day. We’ll finish with a chance for you to put your questions to any of our speakers in the designated Q&A session from 16.45-17.15.

Click here to access our programme.

Thank you in advance to all our pre-conference event speakers – we are looking forward to welcoming you in Liverpool and to hearing your talks.

Our ‘Meet the plenaries’ series has already started on our Facebook page introducing our first plenary speaker, Tony Prince from NILE. Look out for the next post in the series coming very soon… Access the series here and why not give our page a ‘Like’ while you’re there?

3 April ESPSIG Showcase

Our ESPSIG Showcase gives you the opportunity to follow a track of specially selected ESP sessions. Our presentations include talks on the crossover between EAP and the digital world, classroom practices and the aligning of classroom skills within ESP. We will be joined by some big names in ELT, so don’t miss out.

We will also be holding our Open Forum on this evening where you can find out more about us as a SIG and meet our current committee. So why not join us for a glass of wine and some nibbles and see whether you would like to be part of the SIG?

Aysen Guven, ESPSIG Coordinator

From the Teacher Development SIG

23 February 2019: TDSIG Web Carnival online

What does Teacher Development look like in 2019? Join speakers Duncan Foord, Yasmine Atwa, Ferhat Karanfil, and Irina Malinina. More info here.

March 2019 issue of TDSIG ebulletin: Call for articles

These are the details for our next TDSIG ebulletin.

Topic area: Online teacher development
Featured region: Southeast Asia (esp. India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam)
Deadline: 25 February 2019.

You do not need to be a TDSIG member to contribute. For more information, please click here.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Our pre-conference event is organised jointly with Global Issues SIG. On the topic of the intersection between social justice topics and teacher development, we have 8 speakers, plenty of open-space discussion with them, bevs and snacks. For more info or to register soon, click here.

17-18 May 2019: InnovateELT 2019

We’re teaming up for this event in Barcelona themed “Back to the future”. TDSIG members will have a discounted fee and we’re currently running a competition for free admission. Check for more details here.

Tyson Seburn, TDSIG Coordinator



From the Global Issues SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

The IATEFL Conference will soon be upon us, and there’s still time to book your place at the GISIG and TDSIG joint pre-conference event, entitled Are you a Social Justice Warrior? A wide and diverse range of speakers will be unpacking this term throughout the day and analysing its implications for bringing global issues into our teaching and training.

The two plenary speakers are Steve Brown from the University of the West of Scotland, who will be wondering ‘What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding?’, and Lizzi Milligan from the University of Bath, who will be discussing ‘The global injustice of English as a Medium of Instruction in low income contexts.’ The international focus of the event is clearly shown by the other speakers, who come from Palestine, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Mexico as well as the UK. Each of these presentation slots will be followed by an Open Space discussion, facilitated by our guest presenters.

Find out more about the details of our pre-conference event here.

Liverpool IATEFL PCE Competition

GISIG is running a competition alongside our pre-conference event. Details are below. Please send your submissions to GISIG by Friday 15 March.

Calling all Global Issues Warriors!

What do your students understand by this term? Someone who feels passionately about a cause? Someone who actively campaigns for social justice in their community? Someone who empathises with marginalised groups around the world? Ask your students to present their thoughts and feelings about how they are global issues warriors in a 5 second video (long enough for an image to encapsulate a particular message) and we will show these at our PCE at the IATEFL international conference in April. And we’ll display all entries on the GISIG website too.

GISIG bonus events @ the IATEFL conference

IATEFL GISIG has teamed up with Liverpool museums during the IATEFL conference to offer two free, fascinating tours of Liverpool museums and we hope these prove beneficial to you in your teaching practice.

The first, on Wednesday 3 April, is an “Introduction to teaching slavery in the classroom - resources/handling collections showcase” with Adam Duckworth. Please meet in the ground floor foyer of the Maritime Museum at 15.00.

The second, on Thursday 4 April, is on the “Fight for Rights - women’s suffrage’ tour of the Museum of Liverpool” with Claire Davies. Please meet in the foyer of the Museum of Liverpool at 15.00.

Please complete this registration form to show which event you want to register for (spaces are strictly limited to 10 delegates for both tours and last one hour). Spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis. Your name will be passed to the IATEFL GISIG Coordinators Chris Sowton and Jules Schoenmann ( so that they can advise Adam and/or Claire who to expect on the tours.

6 April 2019: HandsUp Project Conference

On Saturday 6 April, immediately after the IATEFL conference, the HandsUp Project will be running its 2nd Annual conference. The theme this year is ‘Language and Resilience’. It costs just £15 to register for the event and this will include a delicious cooked Palestinian lunch. The event is sponsored by Cambridge University Press, the British Council, and IATEFL GISIG and the speakers will include HUP Founder Nick Bilbrough, Maricarmen Gamero, Richard Gallen, Alexander Guzik, Sahar Salah, Colm Downes, Scott Thornbury and Tony Capstick, as well as the GISIG joint coordinators.

There will also be theatre performances by Palestinian children and from a playback theatre company. You can register for the conference here.

Julietta Schoenmann and Chris Sowton, Joint GISIG Coordinators