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July and August 2018

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Welcome to this edition of our eBulletin covering events and activities for the months of July, August and beyond. The next eBulletin will be coming your way in September, by which time it will be too late to submit a proposal for next year’s Annual conference in Liverpool! So why not submit a proposal now and have a chance to share your wonderful and inspiring practices and professional experiences with colleagues from around the world. See the Head Office news section below for details. Equally, if you would like to showcase your organisation or products at the conference, our sponsorship and exhibition packages are tailored to meet your specific needs. Please read on for more information about this.

This issue also contains information about a wide range of professional development events and opportunities from nine of our 16 Special Interest Groups (SIGs). For example, at the next Annual Conference in Liverpool, our Teacher Development SIG and Global Issues SIG, as well as our Literature SIG and Materials Writing SIG, will be running joint PCEs offering participants opportunities to explore the connections between the work of each SIG. Meanwhile, over the next few months, you can take part in a number of conferences such as those organised by LASIG in the Czech Republic; BESIG in Romania; LAMSIG in Ireland; as well as an online conference from LTSIG. Plus, you can follow our rich variety of SIG webinars at no extra cost. Or if you are in the UK and are involved in MA dissertation supervision, why not encourage your students to register for ReSIG’s upcoming Quick Fire Presentation event for MA students where they can receive expert feedback on their work in progress.

There is so much more to explore in this issue of the eBulletin and we hope you will find useful information for your own development.

With very best wishes from the Publications Committee,

Harry Kuchah Kuchah, IATEFL Vice President and Chair Publications Committee

From Head Office

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IATEFL Conference 2019

Our 2019 IATEFL Conference will take place in Liverpool, UK, in April 2019.

  • Pre-conference events – Mon 1 April
  • Exhibition (free access) – Mon 1 April (Preview) & Tue 2 - Thu 4 April
  • Conference – Tue 2 - Fri 5 April

For more information, and to book your place, visit the conference website.

Submit a speaker proposal for the Annual Conference

Apply to present at the Liverpool 2019 annual conference by submitting a speaker proposal. Visit the conference website for full information. Deadline for submissions is 16.00 BST, Thursday 13 September 2018 (click on the link to see the local time in your location). 

For support in getting your proposal just right, why not watch Madeleine du Vivier’s webinar on How to write an effective IATEFL conference proposal.


The sponsorship opportunities for IATEFL Liverpool 2019 are now LIVE.

The IATEFL Conference offers unprecedented access to an active community of ELT professionals and is the perfect platform to showcase your brand!

With a new look for 2019, our sponsorship opportunities offer a more flexible approach to help boost brand awareness. Choose individual areas of sponsorship to build a unique package that compliments your marketing goals and gives you maximum exposure before, during and after the conference.

All our sponsorship opportunities can now be found on the conference website. If you would like more information about these opportunities, or would like to discuss your own ideas, please contact our sponsorship officer Leanne Smith.


If you are interested in exhibiting in Liverpool 2019, please contact Leanne Smith for further details. Available stand spaces and the exhibitor manual are due to be released in October 2018. 


From the SIGs 

From the Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG

TEASIG Newsletter – name change

We have decided to change the name of our TEASIG Newsletter. We asked our members to vote on two name choices, namely 'Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Today' or 'TEASIG Magazine', or let us know if they did not have a preference. Our deadline was 26 June, and as a result of the majority of votes (72.1%), the new newsletter name is 'Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Today'. We would like to thank everyone for helping us choose the new name.

11 September 2018: TEASIG webinar

The next TEASIG webinar will be on Tuesday 11 September 2018 with Russell Stannard from Teaching Training Videos at 16.00 GMT (17.00 BST).

This webinar will be about ‘Talk-experiments in assessment and feedback using technology’. More information can be found at the upcoming events section on the TEASIG website

TEASIG Committee – Call for candidates

TEASIG still has a vacancy on the committee: we are looking for a Social Media Manager. The ideal candidate should have experience of and have accounts with most commonly used social media. Further details can be found here.

TEASIG newsletter – Call for contributions

The Editors welcome contributions Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Today from members and non-members of TEASIG alike. You can find more details on how to contribute to Testing, Evaluation and Assessment Today and also contact the Editors with any questions you may have. The deadline for the next issue is 31 July 2018.

Social Media

Join our Social Media groups or follow us:

Ceyda Mutlu and Neil Bullock, Joint TEASIG Coordinators


From the Learner Autonomy SIG

21-22 September 2018: LASIG conference

On 21-22 September, Masaryk University Language Centre in Brno, Czech Republic is going to host the LASIG conference ‘The teacher’s role in the development of learner autonomy’. Besides three thought-provoking keynote speeches by Leni Dam, David Little and Libor Štěpánek, the two-day programme offers various formats of workshops, sharing sessions and presentations. The conference wishes to celebrate the diversity of teaching and learning styles as well as to introduce a variety of different perspectives. The diverse perspectives will be presented in sessions ranging from ‘Unorthodox classroom’ to ‘Implementing autonomy into mainstream teaching’ and the programme features workshops by well-respected figures in the field such as Varinder Unlu, Giovanna Tassinari, Anja Burkert and Christian Ludwig. Find out more about the event and the registration process

November LASIG event – early-bird registration 

The deadline for the early-bird registration of the LASIG event on ‘Reforming the foreign language classroom – empowering students to take ownership’ in Essen on Friday 23 November 2018 is 31 July. Please register on the IATEFL website. For more information, please go to the event website

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE 

The title of next year’s pre-conference event is ‘Supporting educators in developing language learner autonomy’. We are happy to announce that Ema Ushioda, University of Warwick, will be our first plenary speaker on ‘Motivational perspectives when developing language learner autonomy’. Her talk will be followed up by a workshop, dealing with issues raised by the plenary. After lunch, the day will continue with a talk by Giovanna Tassinari on ‘Opening spaces for learning language advising for autonomy?’, as well as informal interactive poster sessions, providing answers and/or solutions to the misgivings of practitioners wanting to develop learner autonomy. Keep posted on our website

Christian Ludwig, LASIG Coordinator


From the Leadership and Management SIG

15 September 2018: Everyone is Involved event

This event ‘Everyone is Involved: Developing a holistic approach to the management of the student experience’ will take place in Cork city, Ireland and is open to everyone with an interest in Leadership and Management in English Language Teaching, including operational and academic managers, academic administrators, activity / social programme managers, transport and accommodation managers, sales and marketing staff, teachers and trainers. The event will consist of a number of short talks (speakers to be announced) and a number of themed discussions. More details can be found at our website.

Andy Hockley, LAMSIG Coordinator 


From the Teacher Development SIG

Developod – Bonus episode

Available to everyone, we’ve released a bonus episode, which includes an interview with 2018 TDSIG Michael Berman Scholarship winner, Gerhard Erasmus, about his experiences during the IATEFL Conference in Brighton and his reflections after it was all over. You can now subscribe to Developod on iTunes, Stitcher, or where you get your podcasts. For more information, check out Developod page or Facebook page

Upcoming TDSIG ebulletin issues

For TDSIG members only, our next issue of the ebulletin will be arriving in inboxes shortly on the topic of ‘TD and learner feedback!’ A big thank you to all contributors. Speaking of which, we’re looking for short articles, video posts, and answers to some of our guiding questions for our September issue on ‘A TD plan: the months to come’, regarding things like planning personal or school-wide TD plans for a term, a semester, an academic year; involving other teachers, peer observation plans, how you decide on topics, and much more, by 23 August. You do not need to be a TDSIG member to contribute. For more information, please see here

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Together with the inspiring people on the GISIG committee, we are working out the details for our joint pre-conference event in Liverpool. We’re bringing in plenaries, short talks, and open space discussions regarding the question: ‘Are you a social justice warrior? Exploring the ifs, whys, and hows of social justice in our practice’. More details about this intriguing topic that affects us all will follow on our website soon, but in the meantime, check out the full description here.

Tyson Seburn, TDSIG Coordinator


From the Learning Technologies SIG 

New Committee Member

Following our recent call for nominations, LTSIG is delighted to have welcomed Heike Philp to the committee. Heike, who has been deeply involved in the SIG in the past, was nominated for the position of Online Events Organiser. Please see Heike’s statement here.

1 April 2018: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

Are you keen to innovate by providing timely, interactive and effective feedback? Do you want to find out which tools you can use to do so? Our topic this year is on Digital Feedback so if you would like to find out how to increase choice, engagement and flexibility with paper-free feedback, and leave with some tools and tasks to do so, come and join LTSIG and the discussion about effective feedback in a digital age. For more information, please click here.

OLLReN Annual conference: call for papers

The OLLReN Annual conference will take place in October 2018 and the call for papers has been announced. In this online event, researchers from around the world will share their work into investigating the impact of technology to support language learning. This is a jointly organised and hosted event by the Learning Technologies SIG, Laureate International Universities and Cambridge University Press.  

The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday 23 July at 17.00 GMT (18.00 BST). 

Please find more information here.

CyTEA Annual Conference – travel grant 

A travel grant will be awarded to one LTSIG member to attend the CyTEA conference in December 2018. The SIG is offering one lucky member £300 and the opportunity to present their work on educational technology. More information will be available soon on the LTSIG website and social media channels.

LTSIG Newsletter

Following an interview in our May 2018 newsletter, Global Teacher Prize 2018 finalist and winner of the Outstanding Pole Award, Barbara Anna Zielonka, writes for us in our July issue, which is exclusive to LTSIG members. Barbara writes about an approach that she has been using for the past 5 years, Connections-based Learning. The newsletter also features a new section: Call Around the World, taking a look at how teachers use learning technologies in different areas of the world. The first feature is on Cuba. If you would like to write about what’s happening in your area, please get in touch. 

Write for us

Remember we are always looking for good content so do find some time to write for us. There is always a call for new content on our blog – a new series of teachers sharing their favourite tools and apps has just been launched and we hope that members old and new will contribute their top tools and top tips!

Click here to let us know what you would like to write for us.

Join our Social Media Groups and Pages

Sophia Mavridi, LTSIG Coordinator


From the Literature SIG

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

We are delighted to announce that our pre-conference event at Liverpool next year will be a joint event with MaWSIG. We are still working on the finer details, but we can confirm that the pre-conference event will be about incorporating creative materials (including literature) into teaching materials. IATEFL Patron David Crystal will be giving the opening talk. We will be able to give you more details in the September eBulletin.

Rob Hill, Lit SIG Coordinator


From the Business English SIG

BESIG website and Instagram account

BESIG has launched its official account on Instagram – iatefl_besig. For regular news and updates, visit our new website and follow our official accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Business Issues

To celebrate the forthcoming 100th edition of Business Issues, BESIG has made issue 99 available to everyone. You can explore it at the BESIG Publications page.

Malta Conference Selections

You can enjoy the digital publication of Malta Conference Selections on the BESIG Blog.

5 August 2018: BESIG webinar

BESIG will be hosting a webinar ‘DIY Design: Crafting your professional image as a freelancer’ with Sherri Williams on 5 August 2018 at 14.00 GMT (15.00 BST). For more information about the event and the speaker, see the BESIG Online events page.

8-9 September 2018: JALT BizCom Conference

BESIG will be supporting the Business Communication Special Interest Group of the Japan Association for Language Teaching in their conference taking place at Toyo University, Tokyo from 8-9 September 2018. Full details are on the JALT BizCom website.

15 September 2018: New deadline for Maria Keller Scholarship

We have extended the deadline to apply for the Maria Keller Scholarship. The new deadline is 15 September 2018. This scholarship is for a first-time speaker at the Annual IATEFL BESIG Conference. To apply visit our scholarship page

16-18 November 2018: BESIG Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce that one of the three plenary speakers at our 31st Annual Conference, Iasi, Romania will be Nick Robinson of ELTJam. Nick will be giving a technological slant on the future of business and of English in business. Many thanks to all those who submitted a proposal for this event. We received 75 proposals in total and we are currently putting together the draft schedule, which will be published shortly. Online registration is now open. If you would like to sponsor or exhibit at this event, please get in touch. 

Note that the Friday is a full conference day this year, so exhibitor set-up will be on the Thursday evening. Further details are on the BESIG website

Dana Poklepovic and Evan Frendo, Joint BESIG Coordinators


From the Materials Writing SIG

8 September 2018: MaWSIG webinar

MaWSIG is organizing a series of monthly webinars: the What about ...? webinar series. Each webinar will be led by an expert or experts in specific aspects of materials writing. Brian Tomlinson will give the first webinar entitled ‘What about principles for materials development?’ on 8 September at 13.00 GMT (14.00 BST). You will receive an email inviting you to register in due course.

1 April 2019: Liverpool IATEFL PCE

We are delighted to announce that our pre-conference event at Liverpool next year will be a joint event with LitSIG, the IATEFL Literature Special Interest Group. Professor David Crystal will be giving the opening talk and, although we are still working on the rest of the line-up, we can say that the pre-conference event will be about incorporating creative materials (including, but not limited to, literature) into teaching materials. We will share more details in the September eBulletin.

Liverpool 2019 PCE Competition

We are running a competition with the IATEFL Global Issues SIG called ‘Cinema Inspirations’. Submit an ELT lesson plan based on a film related to global issues, and you could win free entry to the MaWSIG or GISIG 2019 PCE in Liverpool! Full details are on the GISIG website here.

SIG personnel changes

MaWSIG recently welcomed three new members to its organizing committee.

Katherine Bilsborough is now one of our Events Coordinators, joining Clare Maas in the role. Jen Dobson joins us as our Social Media Coordinator. Penny Hands joins us as our Deputy Publications Coordinator. You can read their bios on the MaWSIG website.

We have four leavers too:

Tania Pattison and Rachael Roberts have stepped down as Joint Coordinators of the SIG. Alex Popovski has moved from the Events team to become the SIG’s new Coordinator.

Damian Williams (social media) and Phil Bird (events) have also stepped down. 

We are now seeking nominations for a third Events Coordinator. Look out for an email from IATEFL HO advertising the post.

Membership perks  

Two new perks for MaWSIG members include:

• 15 months’ membership of the Society of Authors for the price of 12 months.

• 50% discount on a subscription to Text Inspector, the web tool allowing you to analyse the difficulty level of texts in English.

Look out for the email to MaWSIG members which will give you more information including the codes.

Aleksandra Popovski, MaWSIG Coordinator


From the Research SIG

13 August 2018: Quick Fire presentation for MA students

This is an invitation to all MA ELT / TESOL students in the UK. As you work on your dissertation you may wish that you could pass on your interest and excitement about your topic to a wider audience. You may also wonder what the future will hold for you when the MA is over. We would like to offer an exciting opportunity to fulfil both these wishes. The IATEFL Research Special Interest Group and the Applied Linguistics department at the University of Warwick are holding a Quick Fire presentation event on Monday 13 August. To present at this event you need to give a 5-minute presentation using 15 slides for 20 seconds each. 

In the afternoon, Ana Inés Salvi, joint coordinator of IATEFL Research Special Interest Group will reflect on her own journey from teacher to MA student to PhD and beyond, giving you a chance to ask questions and clarify your own future plans.

The cost of the day is £15 (to cover refreshments and room hire etc. but not lunch) for attendees and £10 if you give a presentation or are an IATEFL member. If you have any questions about the day please email Tilly Harrison. To register and for more information please check this events page. We look forward to seeing you on what we hope will be a dynamic and exciting day for everyone. 

Ana Inés Salvi and Kenan Dikilitas, Joint ReSIG Coordinators