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IATEFL Webinars

Our monthly webinars are free of charge and are open to both members and non-members of IATEFL so please feel free to tell all your colleagues and friends about them. To register, just click on the link below. You will be emailed a unique link which you should use to attend the webinar on the day. More instructions can be found below.

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 Chaz Pulgliese Chaz Pugliese - 'Creating Motivation, Creating Learning'

Date and Time:

18 March 2017, 3pm GMT (click on link to find the time for your location or go to


I believe in local research, so a few years ago I conducted interviews with over a hundred of my students in Paris, where I'm based. The main purpose of the interviews was to find out from the students what practices/activities they found motivating. It turns out these students' motivation is boosted when they feel they've been accepted by the group, when they are primed for learning, and when they're engaged in activities that are stimulating, surprising and fun.

In this webinar I will focus on the multifaceted roles of the teacher in promoting motivation, and I will highlight the importance of creative pedagogy.


Chaz Pugliese is a teacher, teacher trainer, writer and presenter in the ELT field. He also conducts workshops on Creativity as well as Intercultural matters. He's written Being Creative (2010, Delta) and co-written The Principled Communicative Approach (Helbling, 2015). Creating Motivation, his latest book, has just been published by Helbling.

In 2013, Chaz founded, with Alan Maley, The Creativity Group. 

A keen guitarist, Chaz likes any music that's genuine, real, and raw. 

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Future events:

We are always adding extra webinars to our programme so please check back on a regular basis.

Why not also take a look at our "How to" page which has some fantastic resources if you are thinking about attending our conference. If you are an IATEFL member, why not log in to your member area where you can access past webinars (listed below) and our past Web Conference recordings. 

IATEFL SIG Webinars  Our sixteen Special Interest Groups (SIGs) also run their own webinars and online events which aim to give teachers professional development opportunities including the chance to share knowledge and best practices in specific areas of English Language Teaching. Below, you can find a full list of upcoming SIG related webinars. These webinars are free of charge, open to both members and non-members of IATEFL and no pre-registration is required. 

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besig logo col no strapline  Kirsten Waechter - 'How to submit an IATEFL BESIG annual conference proposal' 

30 April 2017, 3pm BST

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Cynthia White - 'Locating autonomy practices in contemporary arenas for language learning'

6 May 2017, 10am BST

Since the early 1980s the prevailing focus of research into learner autonomy has been on formal learning settings (including self-access) where the teacher or facilitator has an evident role. However more recently the tools, settings and practices for language learning have expanded and there has been a growing recognition of the significance of learning beyond the classroom. With reference to two studies of learner autonomy in out-of-class arenas for language learning, this paper explores how we can locate and investigate learner autonomy practices beyond the classroom. The webinar also engages with questions about whether and how teachers can add value to learner autonomy practices within and across contemporary arenas for language learning. Implications for theory, research and practice are discussed. 


Cynthia White is Professor of Applied Linguistics, Massey University, New Zealand and has published widely on strategies, emotion and learner autonomy in distance and online language learning. She is on the Editorial Boards of eight international journals, including TESOL Quarterly and is Associate Editor for Language Learning & Technology. She has been plenary speaker at international conferences and workshops in Germany, Thailand, Singapore, China, UK, Hawai'i and Malaysia and has completed collaborative research projects with Oxford University, Open University UK and Nottingham University.

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besig logo col no strapline  Andy Cowle - 'Pre Conference Event (PCE) follow up webinar' 

7 May 2017, 3pm BST 

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 besig logo col no strapline Dana Poklepovic's IATEFL BESIG Weekend Workshop 

14 May 2017, 3pm BST

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besig logo col no strapline  2nd IATEFL BESIG Online Symposium

25 June 2017 (all day - times to be confirmed later)

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Participants Guide:

All IATEFL webinars are presented using the Adobe Connect platform.

To help you get the most out of attending an IATEFL webinar and to ensure your computer is configured properly, we have put together a guide which should cover most of the frequently asked questions. We hope you find it useful.



Past Events and Recordings:

The recordings of the webinars below and the slides used during their presentations can be found in the members' area of the IATEFL website. Please log in using your membership ID and password and then click on "webinars" to access them.

Agnes Orosz - 'Practical ideas for teaching mixed level groups' (4 February 2017) the slides Agnes used during this presentation are available to download for one week only before being moved to the IATEFL Member area. 

Daniel Xerri - 'A Myriad Views on Creativity' (3 December 2016)

British Council and focus on Language for Resilience (5 November 2016) - read the associated report on Language for Resilience

Anne Margaret Smith - 'Including dyslexic language learners' (10 September 2016) 

David Little - 'Learner autonomy and its implications for the discourse of language teaching and learning' (20 August 2016) 

Nick Bilbrough -'The (second language) play's the thing' (2 July 2016) 

Valéria França - 'How challenging is it to promote change in the classroom?' (11 June 2016) 

Divya Madhavan Brochier - 'Ten truths (and a lie) about EMI' (14 May 2016) 

Mariel Amez - 'An online journey of self awareness (2 April 2016) 

Sinéad Laffan - 'The Cult of Schwa' (20 February 2016) 

Vicki Hollett and Christina Rebuffet-Broadus - 'How to get started making YouTube videos for your students' (23 January 2016) 

Hugh Dellar - 'Following the patterns: colligation and the necessity of a bottom-up approach to grammar' (26 September 2015) 

Nellie Muller Deutsch - 'Action research to improve instruction and learning' (29 August 2015) 

Andrew Cohen - 'Learner strategies for performing intercultural pragmatics' (18 July 2015)

Dorothy Zemach - Self-publishing ELT materials' (27 June 2015)

Charles Hadfield - 'Creative Grammar' (30 May 2015)

Rebecca Oxford - 'Positive Psychology in Language Learning: The Role of Hope, Optimism, and Resilience in Learners' Stories' (18 April 2015)

Jamie Keddie - 'Storytelling in the classroom' (14 March 2015)

Shelly Sanchez Terrell - 'Get Them Speaking & Learning with Digital Icebreakers' (28 February 2015)

Leo Selivan - 'Quizlet: more than just flashcards' (24 January 2015)

Nik Peachey - 'Getting the most out of online video resources' (31 August 2014) 

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto - 'The Lives of English Language Teachers', (19 July 2014)

Jill Hadfield - 'Motivation, Imagination and L2 Identity' (31 May 2014)

Sugata Mitra - ' Questions and answers with Sugata Mitra' (19 April 2014)

Penny Ur -  ‘Using higher order thinking skills’ (22 June 2013)



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 YouTube-logo-full color You can also find the following recordings on the IATEFL YouTube channel, IATEFLtalks

Fiona Dunlop - 'Accessing CPD' (30 November 2014)

Susan Hillyard - 'Challenging ELT: Challenging Methodology to Reach Challenging English Language Learners' (27 September 2014)

Lindsay Clandfield - 'What's hot, and what's not in coursebooks?' (21 June 2014)

Professor Ron Carter - 'Internet English: the changing English language and its implications for teaching' (26 April 2014) 

Felicity O'Dell - 'Onesies and selfies: keeping up-to-date with new English words and expressions' (22 March 2014)

Mike McCarthy - 'Spoken Fluency Revisited' (22 February 2014) The link to Mike McCarthy's article published in the English Profile Journal can be found here

Tessa Woodward - ‘Enjoying personal and professional creativity’ (31 January 2014)

Scott Thornbury - ''Fossilization: Is it terminal?' (30 November 2013)

Vicki Hollett - 'Learning to speak 'merican (19 October 2013) 

Vicki was kind enough to answer on her blog some of the questions that came in during her session. The link to these can be found here:

Adrian Underhill - 'The Jazz of Teaching and Learning' (14 September 2013)

Claudia Ferradas PhD - 'Reading across cultures: literature for intercultural awareness' (31 August 2013)

Jeremy Harmer - 'Yes, but why do we need teachers at all' (27 July 2013)

Professor David Crystal - ‘Questions about language with David Crystal’ (25 May 2013)

Professor Crystal also kindly answered questions on his blog which came in during the session. 

You can find those here:


ELT Event Calendar

If you are interested in finding out about other ELT related face to face and online events, why not visit the ELT Event Calendar? This is a website run by Tyson Seburn which crowd sources professional devleopment opportunities from around the world. If you are holding an event which is not yet on the calendar, let him know via the ELT Calendar page.