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IATEFL has 16 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which aim to give teachers professional development opportunities including the chance to share knowledge and best practices in specific areas of English Language Teaching. As part of their activities, many of our SIGs hold their own webinars. Below, you can find a full list of upcoming SIG related webinars. These webinars are free of charge, open to both members and non-members of IATEFL and no pre-registration is required. Please check back on a regular basis as webinars are always being added. 

You do not need to register in advance to join the webinars, just click on the link 'Join the live event here' and then:

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Sinem Sonsaat - 'The role teacher's manuals play in pronunciation teaching: an answer key or a complete guide?'


21 Jan 2017, 5pm GMT

In this webinar, I will share the findings of my research exploring native and non-native English- speaking teachers' cognitions about (i) pronunciation teaching, (ii) pronunciation teaching materials, (iii) their expectations of a teacher's manual accompanying a pronunciation teaching book, and (iv) their attitudes towards a printed and online teacher's manual which were developed for the same pronunciation teaching material.

Based on the findings of my research, most of the teachers use a textbook to teach pronunciation, but all teachers supplement their teaching with online materials. Both NESTs and NNESTs expect a teacher's manual to provide additional guidance on what pronunciation features to teach and how to present them most efficiently. Additionally, they expect technology to be integrated into the teacher's manuals. The online teacher's manual was preferred over the printed one by most of the teachers in this study, and the biggest reason for their preferences had to do with the design features that were achieved due to technology.

In this webinar, I will also present how teachers can be supported for their pronunciation teaching practices through the use of an online teacher’s manual. Teachers will have a chance to take a detailed look at the online manual and brainstorm about how they can make use of it in their own context.


Sinem Sonsaat is a doctoral student in the Applied Linguistics and Technology Program at Iowa State University, where she supervised the ESL listening/reading classes. She is currently teaching 'Introduction to Linguistics' to undergraduate students majoring in elementary education and psychology. She is the editorial assistant of the Journal of Second Language Pronunciation. Her research interests include pronunciation instruction, materials evaluation and development, and computer-assisted language learning.

Download and share the flyer with your colleagues - all are welcome! 

Sinem Webinar 21 1 5pm small

 relogo green sm Christina Gkonou - 'Using questionnaires in research into emotions in ELT' 

26 January 2017, 5pm GMT 

Emotions are omnipresent in our daily lives, and teaching and learning are no exception. Two key characteristics of emotions are their highly subjective nature and their interaction with and mediation by learners’ and teachers’ diverse contexts. These features pose certain challenges to researchers of emotions generally and also within ELT specifically. Narratives in the form of diaries/journals and interviews have often been the most widely employed tools for collecting data on learners’ and teachers’ emotions. In this webinar, I will focus on scenario-based questionnaires and their use in research into emotions. I will describe an emotion-regulation questionnaire which we developed for foreign/second language learners and highlight the need for designing questionnaires which are contextualised and describe specific classroom situations. 


Christina Gkonou is Lecturer in TESOL and MA TESOL Programme Leader at the Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex, UK. She convenes postgraduate modules on teacher training and education, and the psychology of language learning and teaching. Her main research interests are in all areas of the psychology of learners and teachers, but more specifically in language anxiety and emotions, teacher identity and agency, and emotion-regulation strategies for language learning. She is the co-editor of New Directions in Language Learning Psychology (2016) and New Insights into Language Anxiety: Theory, Research and Educational Implications (forthcoming), and co-author of theMYE (Managing Your Emotions) Questionnaire. Christina is also Development Officer for IATEFL ReSIG.

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 YLT30y-320px '30 Pearls of Wisdom' - A web conference celebrating the SIGs Pearl anniversary 

 24- 26 February 2017

Celebrating the SIGs Pearl anniversary, this web conference will feature 30 speakers, each giving 30 minute presentations and will cover a range of topics including early years, primary and secondary education. More details to follow shortly!


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Web Carnival - 'Learnings when the wheels fall off'

28 January 2017, 1pm - 4.30pm GMT 

We all experience times when things don’t go as planned in class and we deal with them; we learn from them; they shape our action. These times are often not prominent in our blog posts or on social media, where a rosy hue is cast over the activities, the student dynamics, or the affordances of tech tools. In TDSIG’s Web Carnival 2017, we will explore moments where the wheels fell off and how these experiences contribute to our identities and expand our modes of developing as teacher trainees, teachers, and teacher trainers. 

For more information, please take a look at the TDSIG website

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